Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the door has opened

I created this one door away from heaven in a time of turmoil and distress; and found here a haven, a place I could breathe, while around me the air was thick with dust. Dust from a past that wouldn’t let go, with ghosts that haunted the days, which I tried to outrun, which I tried to escape, all the while dancing on a path of quicksand…

As I stood at this door I heard the rumble of distant storms and threats, while I delved in the darkness and reveled in thoughts without a glimmer of that promised sunrise. Even time seemed to slip through my fingers untouched, without hope, without change, it was dust.

Yet even a rock must yield in time, to the pounding of the waves, submit to the waters that wash and cleanse, become pliable in its ways. One full moon passed and then another, and still in the air I could hear the tune of those silent murmurs that soothed; ever-present, while turning the key.

Now before me lies a glimmering sky and its gift-wrapped the world in pure gold, inviting me in, to test and to taste, and I’m itching to explore. And I daren’t stand and linger on this threshold, what surprises are passing me by? What treasures are out there just waiting for me to uncover and unwind? This haven is here, will always be here, invariably I will be back, but now is the time to bid you adieu, its time to re-enter the world…


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the crimson tide

you want to lash out
to anyone near
the surge is electric
induces raw fear
that sweeps through the sky
like a dark crimson tide
twisting all reason
to madness you stride
as answers once clear
become murky with grime
forgotten in moments
forgotten in time

…that drags while it fleets
over scorched arid lands
chased by a rage
in the shape of clawed hands
that ruthlessly drive you
towards the last ledge
fuelled by a frenzy
with razor sharp edge
desperate to reach you
and wring from your soul
every last dream
that is in your control