Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the kiss of the gypsy

it’s the kiss of the gypsy under the moon
with dreams in the wind oh so perfectly hewn
that captures you swiftly, your eyes close, you swoon
to the promise adrift on the tune

and you float on the splendour of gilded wings
feed on pure lust on long purple ev’nings
lap up the nectar of empty nothings
while your soul dances freely through rings

it’s the kiss of the gypsy under the moon
igniting your senses on diamonds laid strewn
you dance with desires on sugar-laced dune
as to pleasures you now are attune


Thursday, February 18, 2010

there's always a tomorrow

black is the night filled with images stark
red is the pain as it flows from the heart
leaving behind the disfiguring mark of a tortured soul on the edge
desperate to end the unstoppable stream
of venom infused that has seeped in unseen
directing the course to a counterfeit dream that ends at precipitous ledge

please take me hand, let me guide you away
shut out the voice that has led you astray
together we’ll learn the black chants to unsay and free the soul from its chains
that send out shockwaves to the shatt’ring of bonds
feel your soul lift as old ghosts leave, abscond
as to bright light your blind vision responds and you glide to tranquillity, peace...