Friday, May 22, 2020

5.45 on 5.22



It’s 5.45 and the street lights come on, another day past, and I wonder

what do you get out of this, what do you gain

with these tyrannical laws you have created,

what hollows are you trying to fill by oppressing others,

denying basic human rights, taking away freedom,

tumbling peace-loving people into a state of fear, panic, hatred and desperation?

What is it you get from being so hateful,

from accumulating money and possessions whilst your country is dying,

what do you feel when you see your people suffer?


...but when you're alone, you are still that lonely, hateful, empty, poor, pathetic soul

and no laws you write will ever satisfy the darkness alive within your self,

it will never be satisfied, it will consume you and control you, it will own you

and you will remain a slave to your desires and greed and hate and self-loathing

because how can you sleep a sleep of peace

when you are actively plotting against, instrumental in implementing

the execution of your fellow man.



Sunday, May 17, 2020

Another day in limbo


Today I cannot stand the light-hearted sounds emitting from the television set,

I cannot tolerate music of any kind since it evokes memories of something taken from me,

loss overwhelms, loss of freedom, of frivolity, of an era gone and closed, never to be had again,

a turning point in our lives irrevocably closed, one our children one day may conceive to be a fairy tale from a fruitful imagination,

maybe as we look upon the fairy tales from our childhood, so magical, distant and unbelievable, who says that is not how we once were,

creatures of light, flying through the air as a breath of wind, colourful as mischievous laughter, a delight to anyone who sees you, your gift to everyone you touch, love, peace and life.

And all the while the waves keep rolling, another dusk has fallen, another day in limbo,

how long is this going to last……



Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Idiocracy has become......


I am disgusted by the callous way in which governments are slowly murdering

the citizens of their countries, leaders across the world, elected by the people,

who put their faith and trust into them,

to protect them, their citizens, and the autonomy and wellbeing of their country,

now left utterly helpless, devoid of hope, left to starve,

held hostage by unhumanitarian laws and regulations

aimed at keeping you in a state of fear with rules that induce sickness,

controls that boggle common sense, denying you your right to work,

to make living, whilst handing out fines and threatening imprisonment

(to an unemployed nation, I ask???) and enriching themselves from donations of support,

through their corrupt and inhumane actions,

Idiocracy* has become….. but this is far removed from being a joke,

they are playing with our lives.