Monday, March 17, 2014


I feel a little hurt by life that’s let me down,
the rhymes so well rehearsed, have left a perfect frown,
as what long told should be, in life is never timed,
a dream of fantasy that falters ere it dies.

I once believed in love, in happy families,
a life to be proud of, a seamless unity,
yet that which I have chased is not quite as it seems,
a glittering showcase, that’s captured, not set free.

A heart that’s dipped in stone, a smile that’s mostly fake,
a random off-beat note that sings my life’s mistakes, 
now want me to let go this man into the world,
where truth is but a show and trust a long-dead slur.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Voices in my Head

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They’re in my head, they won’t get out,
circling and churning my hist’ry they shout,
there is no silence, there is no reprieve,
the truth is splintered, my today deceived.

I cannot escape their angry torment,
there is no defense to their bitter dissent,
driving each thought with the crap of a whip,
on sanity’s grasp I’m losing my grip.

I pray for the darkness to take me alive,
the little that’s good I now shun and revile,
for silence eternal my voice has stole,
gone all the hope that is left in my soul.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


picture credit: unknown

I cry for the little girl standing at the gate, tears streaming down her cheeks because she didn’t know why she was left at home alone with her brother.  And I cry for the 10-year with the mussed up ponytail, who sat with her father on the backstairs of the garage, begging him to stay, to not leave her, while looking into his bleary eyes. heart aches for the solitary teen, who wandered alone through the busy school halls with a scowl of indifference to keep people away, all the while building an insurmountable wall under the guise of disregard and rebellion...

I cry for the young woman who mistook attention for caring, placed acknowledgement before intent, was so desperate for love that she willingly consented to harmful things, ‘til the need to lose her feelings led to chosen medications just to numb the screaming voices of her sadness and her pain.

...and my heart bleeds for the woman whose tears greet her every morning, as the thought of another day plunges her into deep despair...