Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ice-cold desolation washes over me as I see the sand, blowing in waves across the cracked, deserted tarmac. And icy fingers tug at my hair, tearing and tangling the once smooth facade, while a bolt of lightning rips through the black storm clouds rushing this way... a world transformed in the blink of an eye, gone are the sunny skies and the impression of summer, removed in an instant by the harsh force that's winter's grip on my heart.

...bitter the taste of wasted years
spent in a state of illusion,
craftily woven with marked intent,
promises windblown and broken.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Shadows of the Moon

My spirit withdraws
from the earthly realm
of the shadows the moon bequeaths,
and in silver veils
my soul can see
the truth as it hovers beneath
the full moon that rose
this glorious night,
to grant me the knowledge deserved,
lifting the pallor
of trapped blinding lies,
for chained earthbound mortals reserved.

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