Sunday, May 15, 2022

Grace and beauty


 What is grace and beauty

but being able to sit in the sunshine,

the music from the Sunday market

temporarily overriding the motion of the waves,

may I stay in this movement,

in this flow of nature,

without obstruction, without resistance,

at peace, at rest, with the knowing

this is the way to living.


Friday, May 13, 2022

I wish I could

 The cloud is soft and the spirit light

yet the tears fall as rain on this plane,

stifling my breath,

the pain and suffering a blow to my stomach,

I double over from the force,

and I wish I could extend my arms,

wrap them around every pain, every tear, every loss,

hold you ‘til the tears run dry and the pain subsides,

hold you until you can lift your head and gaze at the dawn,

hold you until your being is filled with the light of your wakened spirit,

then gently let you go as you jump free from the restraints of darkness,

beings so light you float above the ground on legs as young as a gazelle,

eyes as bright as a child’s and a heart open and filled with love.


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Love and Light



There is so much I wish to say

but I can’t find the words

for the feelings I feel,

for the pictures in my head,

for an inexplicable clarity I have of things

which burdened, perplexed me

for such a long time,

my mind and my heart is sparkling

with visions and ideas,

there’s a newfound peace and joy inside

bursting free that may find me laughing out loud

when I walk barefoot across the lawn in the sunshine.


I see pictures behind pictures,

I hear sounds within sounds,

I see hues I have not seen before,

taste tastes I have not savoured before.


Make no mistake, I still feel stuck

in this old world,

my new world is not yet ready,

not yet mine to live in,

but this dysfunctional mess we are all finding ourselves in,

will not be for very much longer,

the edges are rough, the story is fraying,

the lie no longer has pillars to hold it up,

and while the old sinks and disintegrates,

my dawn, filled with love and light,

is growing brighter with every passing moment.

I understand my purpose,

I have love in my heart

and a warrior in my soul,

soon we will all be together,

my family, my tribe.