Saturday, April 25, 2009

i cry...

i cry for the things that you don’t do for to me
i cry for the things you do
i cry for the times we are apart
for the things i did not get to view

i cry for the heartbreak in your soul
i cry for the cracks in mine
i cry for the things you cannot see
when there clearly is sunshine

i cry for the memories you evoke
i cry for the dreams i had
i cry for the breathless moments in time
that you and i have shared


Thursday, April 23, 2009


over my mind a thick mist hangs
dulling all the senses
mirroring clouds hanging above
over invisible fences
thoughts move drowsily
through a veil
of silence
which i inhale
limbs in repose
emotions tame
lays its claim

Thursday, April 16, 2009

eating cookies

colours on wheels, rushing past the unseen
streams of ants in the same direction
the tapping of heels that sounds like a march
clocking into a dungeon
of neon lights that are stark and bare
with white walls of which there are three
computer screens and black telephones
the tools that are used here blankly

and i look at the stern and down-turned faces
anxiously going their way
today, tomorrow, their path doesn’t change
it’s expected, a normal workday

through the showcase of sunrise, awakening birds
and the changing light through the morn
while cats sun themselves and dogs chase their tails
and the farmer’s inspecting his corn
in air sometimes fresh, sometimes wet with rain
where a hunter is out on the prowl
while cool ocean waves are crashing down
onto beaches that don’t have a scowl

and here we are trapped, the rulers of earth
yet are caught in a room without view
feeding the banks, our targets, the shops
while we’re missing natures dew

i guess today
what you could say
is i’m tired of this daily race
and wish to be
eating cookies crumbly
under blue skies out there someplace

Saturday, April 11, 2009

there is a time...

i see the stranger
with a glint in his eye
yet his smile gives me the chills
his lean silhouette
and fluid stride
belies of a strength that kills

the day-old stubble
on his chin
with laugh-lines showing through
hides the scar
below his cheek
the mark of a spirit askew

and as i hear
the smooth deep voice
uttering words that sound just right
i sense the danger
flowing beneath
it’d be wise to leave now, take flight

yet like a magnet
pointing north
i am powerless to obey
the instinct's alarm
that’s shrilling within
and i say ‘shall we hit the highway?’

for indeterminable
time we travel
rocky roads that lead us nowhere
gazing from heights
of reckless passion
before diving off cliffs on a dare

momentary careless
and rash abandon
doesn’t hide the illusion that’s clear
for written are rules
of this thoughtless game
being played with this stranger here

yet while we can
we draw the life
deep from each others soul
before returning
to the place
of reality that we stole

Thursday, April 9, 2009

i sing a song

i sing a song with the wistful wind
the haunting melody of the sinned
from the depths of my deepest soul
written on parched and ancient scroll
releasing the anger and the fears
mingled with sweat and many tears

and as the words float into the night
with shadows drifting ever so slight
through the darkness deeper than deep
over humanity resting, asleep
the spirit breaks free from all foreboding
reality changes, the old imploding
into another world, strange dimension
leaving me free to play with potions

of the impossible, even unheard
to places new, not before ventured
into a time where dreams form and dance
just out of reach but not perchance
for now i sing with the wishful wind
toward the place where my sins will rescind

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


i hear the thundering wind in my ears
the driving hail biting into my skin
the rush of adrenalin burning in my veins
the heady power of destruction lifting me above the ground
as i float over waters, through mist so thick
it clings to my feet, drags me down inch by inch
dark hair in strands knotting as it whips
my shoulders and back leaving red weeping welts
eyes darkly staring, glazed over with pain
the body can’t feel ‘cause the mind is the rain
that douses the flames of survival within
fleeing the form of a mortal ruin

Saturday, April 4, 2009

a vision of you

i stand and wait on a misty quay
turn as i sense you behind me barely
drinking in the sight of you
a sight my vision will always pursue

your hair flecked with grey snacking down your neck
your eyes deep brown with golden speck
your lips that curl into welcome smile
your laughter lines that so beguile
the tilt of your head that shows you hear
the hands that reach, that want me near
legs long and lean that’ve wrapped around me
parts of your soul only me you let see
the whispers in the darkest night
tears you have comforted, wiped from my sight
arms that are strong with a gentle touch
do you know i love you, i love you so much…

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


rain-drenched beaches
on your cheeks
through the mind
swirl all around

surround by
invisible cloud
mingled with salty tears
comfortably safe
in loneliness
behind you the face that leers

infinite silence
a muted world
alone in the greater beyond
solace achieved
deep within
in yourself you briefly abscond