Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The silence of your being

Soft are the murmurs of the night
drifting from the shadows left by the descending sun,
probing your shell, slowly piercing
through the armor you've adeptly erected through the day.
And resistance crumbles as the stars start to sparkle
in the darkening sky that spreads its blanket over your soul,
and you break down and cry for the lost yesterdays,
for the tomorrows that never may be,
as the harsh truth dawns with the rising moon,
leaving you alone, deserted, in a self-created exile,
in the silence of your being,
in the emptiness of your soul.

picture credit: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs17/f/2007/133/8/e/Alone_on_a_Valentine__s_Day_by_cashboxx.jpg


  1. After a long time here, Shadow....just wondering how this should be read with the previous....

    I personally believe the shell is a better place...to know the bliss of the empty soul(because that's the aim of any spiritual pursuit)

    perhaps that's just me....and i may be out of place here...Your poems leave one with an intense anxiety...the way sometimes poems are meant to be :)


  2. "as the harsh truth dawns with the rising moon"
    Its deep, i can almost picture a scene in my head..

  3. The best time to be honest with self is when it is silent...

    Yep you understand mine and I yours

  4. I for one would never shed a tear over self created exile. I am isolated by choice. When I come from behind the barrier *shrug* to be honest I see more reasons to weep then, than when I am alone.

  5. You always leave me gasping and wondering, Sweet Girl. Your mind must either the most frenetic one I've ever come across or the calmest one with light waves licking at the edges of your soul. This was so beautiful it was painful.

  6. i felt the break through of the night sky but then felt cold in the alone...

  7. The first word is "soft"; the last word is "soul". Everything in between is part of the learning process.

  8. That Darn Night creates such darkness....

  9. It's always the night, isn't it? When those things are most keenly felt? Beautiful. Poignant.

  10. Many are stuck in a self-created exile. God offers deliverance but most reject it. Sad :-(


  11. But as long as the stars shine, I believe that I won't sulk alone, there are friends, distant though.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  12. huummmm.... i can smell the air of this poem, this night.....
    my lovely writer.....

  13. agreed,
    a braided
    case in point--
    in latin


  14. A beautiful passage about grief and walking through the pain alone. Pretending to be someone else to get through the day. Grief is a natural process but it makes others uncomfortable. In our world escape is more acceptable.

  15. In the blanket of the night, honesty is magnified by anxiety. I prefer the daylight if I am alone.
    Thank you for following, your deep consideration is cherished.

  16. I understand these silent metaphors intimately. Thank you for shining a light on them as you do. You understand me, more than words can say. (Hugs)Indigo

  17. why do we do this? I can relate the feelings and from time to time have to pull through the darkness and shine. But yet the feelings linger, the beast and I have to beat it down again.

    Victorous are we...

  18. Perhaps in that emptiness you will find the strength to face the dawn without your shell or armor.

  19. I recently had the very exciting experience of running out of gas while out on a road trip. The digital went from "0" down to "----"!....
    just as we rolled off the freeway exit and into the gas station.

    We were never stranded, never in any danger, just pushing our luck and our limits. The feeling of empty felt free, free to fill up fresh again.

    The thrill lasted us throughout the day, and we spread our wealth, our tingling energy and our cheer all around that little town.

    Cheers!..to riding the edge of empty

  20. "in a self-created exile" yeah, too often we forget that this is a choice.

    Beautiful poem Shadow...the photo choice is a perfect point of departure.

  21. Such weight to the words. I love the perspective TechnoBabe adds. A subtlety I would not have picked up on.

  22. This is just so beautiful. When we let our armor crumble, it can be beautiful and harsh all at once.

  23. ...and you break down and cry for the lost yesterdays,
    for the tomorrows that never may be,
    as if you had stolen those from me my dear!

  24. "the emptiness of your soul"

    What a haunting thought...very sad, but I loved the beauty in this, the relief of just breaking down for a bit.

  25. Someone said there is a place in the soul where it is always three in the morning.

  26. I too wear my armor during the day and at times retreat to my self-created exile - sometimes a good thing yet sometimes so much to my own detriment! This is touching, thought provoking...so real.

  27. I put the first line
    before the last line
    and have little need for more
    I get it fully

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  29. You write "and you break down and cry for the lost yesterdays,
    for the tomorrows that never may be
    ," I think to be brutally honest here, 99 per cent of us have experienced this in a lifetime...if not just once, a whole lotta times. Shadow, you always make a lifetime come into reality with words flowing off our tongues and in our minds....

    Wonderful work...each and every time.

  30. Another version of how we're affected by the clarity of night.

  31. just beautiful, shadow, truly beautiful - we are each alone - really - alone in SELF in our own exile - love your work, lady!

  32. Adrift in the exquisiteness of shadows....Shadow ? Its hard and a harsh ride to rope a twisting stallion and ride it beyond the illusions we've grown so fond of...

  33. Terrible feeling to have an empty soul. I would rather have one that is filled with gratitude than the one that I once had that was devoid of much of anything.

  34. What is it about stars that crumbles our resistance?

  35. Such an emotional piece, Shadow, filled with pain, but this is what opens us for those tomorrows, as we eventually release ourselves from those self-imposed exiles.

    A necessity at times to naturally bring about healing.

  36. So much painful truth in your verse. Must be why I like to read it so much.

  37. And, breaking the silence, from far away I hear the steam whistle of a train. And alone, I cry, and to myself I say.........

  38. Read it again and again I must say:
    Absolutely astounding, Shadow

    ...piercing through the armor you've adeptly erected through the day...
    Loved that!

  39. "the armor you've adeptly erected through the day" can be a place of solace and of torment, too, at times.
    Beautifully penned.

  40. Self created exhile... I have known this. I have created this. I have escaped this. I do return, for I learn much there.

  41. melancholic! great choice of words for imageries!

    romantic quotes

  42. Hi
    I don't know if you remember me but My old blog had talked about my childhood and maybe putting a book together. you had wrote a poem for me,I Think it was called crying in the dark.I have an editor and writer for my book, I wanted to add the poem with your name credit to you.if that's ok with you.when you have time could you mail it to me?janmrp@ma.rr.com
    Oh you have an award waiting for you

    Thank You

  43. I learn so much in my silence. Great one here Shadow. Thank you for your most recent comment to me. Your truth rings loud. Blessings.

  44. Maintaining the standard, I see. I can but admire your facility for it. Congrats.

  45. You. say it all so well... a familiar place for many, yet hard to place the words just so...


    still waiting for that sun.... :)

  46. When we encounter such dark nights of the soul it is difficult to remember that the sun always rises...but it does.

  47. It's been a week of shadow silence...
    Each gracious comment appreciated dear

  48. there's such magic in the night, such relief from the awesome travail we've made of day ...

    there's tension here, for sure, but that's what we are .. bundles of tension, sparks full to bursting and simultaneously repressed ...

    i might consider removing the last line and some fine tweaking but that's just me ... souls are full and getting fuller imo - 'tis what they do ... though it doesn't always feel like that and in the comntext of the image this darker view is perhaps more fitting ...

  49. i can feel this poem. sometimes life feels this way. it is beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  50. Very nice.
    I can feel what you seek through your words.
    Now am waiting for you to exhale

  51. welcome sharing your poems with our poetry potluck today..

    you can link in 1 to 3 old poems or poems unrelated to our theme as first time participant, have fun.

    you got talent, keep it up.

  52. This is so tangible. It's one of those poem when you look at it and you can just FEEL the words.

  53. deep and heartfelt

    awesome write!

    thank you for your visit and comment

  54. Shadow, you rock.

    reading your words is like touring a magical kingdom.
    what fun.
    love your wit.


  55. This somehow reminds me of the song in Phantom of the Opera about the power of the night and the aloneness we all ultimately are. Beautiful.

  56. Shadow...I love having you visit with me....but, I must say---I'm missing your work.

    Gonna write some beautiful prose soon, I hope?!!

  57. Dropped by again to give you a hug. Being quieted this day. Silence is golden at times.

  58. tough words, but so often true. nicely written!

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  60. cld xactly relate to it jst the words dat i was in search of!!

  61. In the silent home we stay alone. Great writing.