Sunday, June 29, 2014

Black Velvet

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The hush of the empty house slams through me,
and in the hollow emptiness all I can hear
are voices that aren’t really there,
that descend upon me, irresistible and suffocating;
I welcome their numbing embrace.
For the silent black of smooth velvet,
that soothes every muscle, every thought, all awareness,
lets me escape into a night that lasts ‘til the next age,
where I can ease this longing I always feel,
and relieve this need that is always near,
and replenish the emptiness that’s captured my home.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Night of the Witch

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The faintly illuminated night sky reflects a face devoid of all emotion,
unfocused eyes staring, transfixed to the ground,
while an ancient need, transmitted on a breeze, enters her subconscious.
Like shutters closing, the lights in her eyes die and turn dark
as the veil of obscurity blacks out any trace of who she is, only what she wants,
and she ventures out into the night.

It is you who crosses her path, a magnetic loneliness drawing you in,
inducing a need in you to offer yourself to her
while she stands tall before you, her stare accessing your mind.
She leans in, mischievous lips whispering into your ear that which you wish to hear,
her sweet breath luring you into a darkness that is mesmerising and entrancing,
and without resistance you become the object to the rituals of her pleasure and her pain,
giving up everything, a sacrifice, leaving you drained and bewildered,
as she takes from your mortal body the energy, and from your soul, your sanity,
in this spell of the night that belongs to the witch.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pondering Amidst the Chaos

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When you find yourself in the midst
of one of life’s freefalls
and every instinct demands
that you curl up in a ball,

...that! that is when you have to believe,
open up your arms, arch your back,
let your eyes see,
and when the carousel has stopped,
in the silence you align,
‘s the key for your just reprieve.

Monday, June 23, 2014

It's a Lonely Road to Absolution

In the cold light of a cloudy morning she was ripped upright in her bed,
blinked in confusion at the seeming calm of the muted silence outside.
She shivered as her shirt slipped past her shoulder down her arm
and the cold hard truth of an ancient reality slammed through her soul.

The shivers that wracked her body did not come from the chill that crept through the glass,
but from the bruised reflections that were still stamped on her body,
the shadows that threaded through her vulnerable mind
and exposed her conscious to the heedless self-destruction she so willingly succumbed to.

She draws up her knees, folds her arms around her legs,
drops her head into her arms and yields to these visions.
...lets them slash deep into her flesh, lets them tear apart her mind
and with closed eyes relive every dark and tarnished need to which she’s surrendered.

The tirade runs on and on, choking her, but she does not blink away a memory,
does not shy away from facing all that darkness throws her way.
‘til at last it started weakening, fading slowly into gray
before a grateful stillness settles upon the disorder.

The mirror cast her reflection, she is sitting proud and tall,
a veil of dark hair hanging down her back as are yesterdays bad dreams.
She is facing towards the east, towards a light that has broken through,
bathing her face with a gracious touch on this lonely road to absolution.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Punish me

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Punish me. Punish me for my illicit desires
that drive me thoughtlessly
into the arms of temptation.
Punish me for selfishly chasing
my every need to intense fulfilment
without a thought of you.
I kneel before you, my head hanging down,
my naked body a sacrifice to surrender
my heedless and self-seeking ways to you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Whisper

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Who do you think laughed, God or the Devil,
when they heard this urgent whisper:
“Please let me feel this, please let me do this,
I need to know what feelings it brings,
and though I know it’s wrong, I’ll repent the moment after,
but please let me feel this feeling again.”

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Final Church Bells

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We walk this earth sightless down cracked empty streets
led by our thoughts conceived in darkness,
turning to dark needs when they’re born.
And that’s why I walk, my legs driving me forward
by a restlessness I cannot control
and a restraint that is threatening to break,
as the fork ahead draws nearer to the clock that tells no time,
I am damned no matter what; let the final church bells chime.

Friday, June 13, 2014

the Confines of Control

Picture credit: unknown

You’ve wrapped me up in perpetual anticipation,
you woke the sleeping dragon who’s restlessly testing the confines of his control.
Cold fingers run down the length of my spine and I shiver, I am awake,
and in dire expectation to feel the impact of your force,
when you break through the restrictions into my receptive flesh,
and undertake to drive it through until I reach the end.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Red is the Sky

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The wild black sky hosts a lightshow
that damns everyone who dares stare
as they throw their spears, red with the blood
of those waiting to be pierced.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Civil War

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Axel is shouting out ‘I don’t need no Civil War’
to drown out rushing cars with hollow shells in control,
the faces in my rearview mirror tempt an instant death
ere I should accidentally catch a glimpse of the life
that reflects in those dull eyes.
A homeless man slowly trundles across the empty vacant lot
where a billboard promises modern offices 2 years ago,
and at the sidewalk the hood of a car of dubious vintage is up
whilst dirty jeans and waving arms proclaim the woes of loss not wanted.
‘Green’ at last, I can leave this place, I can leave these images behind 290 horses,
then feel the wind lift up my hair while the sun throws shadow creatures
at my black sunglasses and the road behind me recedes
into a civil war that’s already begun.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


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I ‘m being strangled by the hand around my throat,
my body crushed against the rough brick wall,
until motion is reduced to just the panic in my eyes
and my chest is nearly bursting, as the turning point arise.
Yet the hold does not let go, every muscle remains tense
‘til you see the panic turn to craving that which you dispense.
It’s a calculated choice I make to step into the whirl,
even knowing that it is the end, next stop – the underworld.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dark Side Of The Moon

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To the dark side of the moon
is where she fled to find the silence,
to escape into the pulsing
of the rhythmic bass guitar,
it’s the space where light’s not wanted
where the darkness is a calming
shield to ward off all intrusions
and no map will lead you there.

Here she revels on the moonscape,
in the air with drifting tendrils
of soft mist that intertwines
with the tendrils of her hair,
whilst through closed eyes she can see
past and future merging in
a delighted dance of freedom
even gravity can’t hold.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


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A tumbleweed rolling through the streets in June,
holding hands with the sand clouds and crisp, yellow leaves,
on a day like any other - school, work, shop, cook –
that she felt the slow-releasing of recognising and acknowledging
the tendril of a spirit, once embedded now is freed,
as the tumbleweed has grabbed it in its thorns and is releasing
a long-standing hold that is...... just............ old..................

Monday, June 2, 2014


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You’ve stolen my peace, my tranquility, my inner contentment,
leaving behind this hunger to push past the lucid dream
into a wonderland of hell where sane doesn’t live,
to feed off your flesh, feel your heat ‘til it burns
and these limbs pass to darkness once more.