Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The biggest trick of all time

This is not right, no-one can tell me this is right,
looking over your shoulder to see who is around,
who is watching, who is friend, who is foe,
the fear-ridden snitching on their own neighbour
in the name of everyone’s wellbeing???
Who needs police and prison wardens
when you convince the majority at large
of a threat so great they would betray their own brother
to ensure every living soul locks themselves up voluntarily,
in self-imposed isolation, to ward off an enemy
as real as the Emperor’s new coat?
Yes, there is an enemy, a very real threat,
and when the puff of smoke from this magic trick evaporates,
you will find yourself in a world of unimaginable ruin and destruction
in which few will be free from the dominance of the darkness,
in which few will be free to wage the ultimate battle long foretold.
Or are there more than the few that we think?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


There was a time people locked themselves into their houses
because the sick were lining the streets, dying,
today we hide in our homes when we have yet to see an ill person.
Is this fear innate programming, used by the supremely wicked
to manipulate us into subservient beings, free only to do their bidding?
Will society be ruled by laws removing every vestige of freedom, joy and light
which too is innate in our being?
Does our joy and light pain our masters so, them, who are riddled with greed
and a hunger for power and possessions, that empty void they never can fill
and they know it. So they will destroy all that is good, that is love, that is light
to live in eternal darkness and damnation, because, believe me, justice will prevail,
if not on this plane then in the next, and that is a fact, that is what I believe!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

In the blink of an eye

Is it as hopeless as predicted,
is there still hope, as some say there is,
is there a solution to the conflicts that dwell
in each of our hearts and minds?
Will the villain be successor,
will this be the end of all good,
have we really all forgotten what it’s like to be free
of the fears and threats thrown at us every day?
How did we get to be so programmed
to acquiesce no matter the bullshit served to us,
I am shocked to stupefaction,
I am mortified at my own response,
I am stunned by the deceptions,
the devious methods and intricate networks
created for our convenience and pleasure
now turned Warden on its prisoners,
taken, our self, our courage, our belief between right and wrong,
we have been hammered and attacked at every point, they grasp our every weakness
and they are one step away from flicking the switch and we will be imprisoned,
in both body and mind, am I the only one desperate to put a halt to this madness,
for heaven’s sake, please look and see!