Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hidden consciousness

Tears overflow from dreams into wakefulness

as the past and the present

intertwine to form

a consciousness which

until now was locked

in the hidden chambers of my mind.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Broken Windows

I wish I could see myself, just for a day,

for an hour, to see what you see…

Would I see a girl striding through this here life

with a strength and a stance to match,

who’s cushioned the blows that don’t leave a mark

who’s risen against the odds?

And does she cruise flighty and carefree each day

through streets with golden planes,

gifted with flair from the hands of the gods

that rule the night skies to refrains?

Or would I spot glimpses of tortured scarred flesh

that burns to a constant stream

of pain that’s residing so deep in her soul,

yet bound by an endless scream?

A scream of abandonment, careless denial,

for a love that she gladly bestowed

into the hands of a traitorous being,

who’s word’s but an empty echo…

I wish I could see myself, just for a day,

as that confident fa├žade that reigns,

instead of submitting to unspoken fears

so deeply entrenched in my veins.

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