Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Treacherous and Traitorous

What traitorous beings live here amongst us
who feel they have the right to control me
to the extent of whether I may smoke or not,
who feel it prudent to determine exercise times by regulations,
who feel, or rather, welcome wearing a mask,
effectively shutting their voices, degrading themselves
and being an obedient puppet marching to their own demise!
What callous mind can devise a plan so simple
yet so evil so as to control the entire planet
with fear and threats and regulations which have nothing
to do with the supposed cause?
How did so many become so compliant and unquestioning
of what is now their daily life, at home, limited/no income,
limited/no freedom of movement, censorship of speech,
and where the engagement in virtual networks is encouraged
and contact with real people shunned?
How is this rational or normal or in the interest of you and me?
Economies are crashing, farmers are destroying their crops,
humanity is getting restless, how do you foresee a happy ending?
How will having a record low in the influenza death rate in 2020
compensate for the death of every nation on this planet,
for every drop of blood that will be spilt when we rise,
and rise we will, it’s inevitable, on this final, global battlefield.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

38 Days in Prison

I wanted to love and be loved,
I wanted fairy tales to be true,
I believed in normal functional families
who helped and supported each other to become better beings,
I thought employers had the interests of their employees in mind,
I thought industries were there to aid towards the goodwill of all mankind,
I believed religion to be righteous and true,
I believed education was for the betterment of humanity,
I thought welfare organisations were there for the causes they represented,
I believed what was told to me, by my elders, my parents, my friends, the words of strangers,
I believed in the intent behind the restoration of wrongs committed,
I believed in a selfless, caring, honest, kind and truthful humanity,
I believed justice always prevails,
I believed light always triumphed over darkness,
I believed in happy endings,
a lot of this has changed and I am mourning the demise of what I believed the world to have been.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Under the Hazel Tree

Tonight I feel the dark man in a black cloak with a hunchback and a crooked nose,
his gnarled stick striking the ground in a rhythm disturbing the hairs at the back of my neck,
I can hear his breath hissing through his rotten teeth, murmuring to himself,
mumblings to remind me of the threats and horrors and all which should not have been,
crooning out my judgment which he will bestow upon me with judicious pleasure.
Cold shivers run down my spine, every nerve ending alert and fully aware of his threat,
getting nearer with every ray of sunlight that slips behind the mountain, with every lengthening shadow creeping closer and closer to me, and although I am gripped by fear, I am not afraid,
because I know his swindling stories, I know his treacherous ways, I feel his maleficence,
and thus I am here, under the Hazel tree, with my hand on my sword and the truth on my lips,
I do not concent to you, I will not bow down to you, and I am waiting, be prepared for a fight.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Let me be a drop of water

Let me be the drop of water falling from the sky,
a drop of water in the cascade of splendor from a fountain,
making rainbows for thirsty eyes who cannot stop shedding tears.
Let me be the drop of rain falling from the sky
into an ocean vast, one tiny little drop in the collective sea
stretching from here to eternity.
Let me be the dewdrop falling into the steam,
flowing down from the highest mountain, finding its way along an effortless trail,
through crevices and under rocks, through soft sand and around tangled roots,
becoming ever stronger, growing, gaining strength and wisdom
from the battering through many rapids before hurdling down a waterfall,
falling, falling, falling, to become the mirror-smooth lake
at the outstretches of the maelstrom, cleansed by the path it followed,
all the while held in the fluid arms of the creator.
Now you can to see through the sparkling water the dancing rays of sunlight
playing hopscotch over moss covered stones and swaying fronds,
colouring the scales of the water creatures in the metallic shine of mystical knowledge,
of change, rebirth, renewed, adapted, accepted, and there’s wonder in that which we are,
who we’ve become, who we were destined to be just as the spirits, flying free in the breeze,
seeing from eyes of love and peace, tolerance and friendship, kindness and empathy,
of all, for all and everything that is.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

The End of a Dream?

Remember that Thursday morning you went to work,
it was raining, the traffic a mess, umbrellas darting across busy roads to a barrage of hooting,
the sky so dark with clouds you thought the sane ones were those at home, dry and warm,
and that mid-Summer Tuesday afternoon when the sun was blazing, baking down on people streaming through the streets towards the nearest shade or tree or building with air-conditioning,
and noon one Friday in Spring, when an air of happiness permeated the spirit and doused every thought with pleasure, excitement and anticipation,
thinking about an evening of dancing, laughter and desire for the one you're with,
carefree, following every impulse, urge and signal absorbed under the silver moonlight of the sleeping hours,
until eventually you drifted away on a liquid cloud of satiation and the fulfilment of the dream that was yours to live that day,
how I wish for a day such as those, will they return, or has the world forever changed?

Sunday, April 12, 2020


It’s hindersome, this inward way when the outwards one is restricted,
raises the kinds of thoughts usually dismissed by that e-mail or phone call,
no distractions has freed the mind, filling it with the normal and the wayward,
into the mystical and fantastical, into the dreamy, and into hell,
and it’s tiresome, this battle to keep the darkness in its rightful position,
it’s downright impossible those times I cannot help but let the tears flow,
when a song I loved, a song about love and life, sunshine and movement,
highlights this current state of isolation we find ourselves in.
Yesterday I drove the pass on our doorstep at the proper speed deemed for my car
because I could, there was no one, not another car, not a moving creature, nothing,
four lanes of emptiness... and that’s how the chambers of my heart feel right now, empty.