Saturday, April 10, 2010

the thread in the night

The night is still and sends out a thread
of undisturbed silence and peace,
in cold black skies with glittering stars
as far as the eyes can see.

…yet an invisible fog descends on your soul
raising goosebumps of foreboding,
for under these skies dark forces meet
with powers far beyond your understanding.
Touching platforms and stages that will affect
every part of your lifestyle and dreams,
this knowledge alone, turns the beauty of night
into ominous silence, boding evil.
An evil so pure, relentless and filled with hate,
a darkness blacker than black,
that will engulf you, swallow you whole,
erase your existence, your history, your being,
with an arrogance confident of success.
These forces unstoppable gather power and speed
as they feed on the fear of immobility, indecision and chaos
that sweeps the masses into a trance
of chilling hatred and a thirst for blood,
turning beauty to dust and love into hate,
turns care into killing and reduces your brother to puddles of blood,
that darkens the ground in a rusty daylight.



  1. Not exactly your best by a distant mile :)

  2. Hello, my dear, I have been wondering if you are doing well. So glad to read another of your excellent posts. The fog on the soul that brings hate and evil are now days being held at bay in my being. This would have been me until a couple years ago. Very spine tingling writing.

  3. Sounds like this poem could describe some things that have happened recently.

  4. How did you know that i feel like that some nights?
    This is such excellent writing!


  5. whew, it kept picking up speed until i gripped the stearing wheel...intense poem.

    happy saturday to you!

  6. Overwhelming! Thanks for taking me along on such a hallowed gut wrenching and powerful journey of your soul!

    Missed you


  7. Wow - Yikes - I think I better get back under the covers.

    Scary stuff, Shadow.

    Really good too.


  8. Good to read your work again, Shadow.
    And uncannily you described the nightmares I had last night. I should stop watching TV detective shows before I go to bed, or maybe it's just the time of year. (some sad anniversaries this weekend)

  9. "An evil so pure, relentless and filled with hate,
    a darkness blacker than black,
    that will engulf you, swallow you whole,
    erase your existence, your history, your being,
    with an arrogance confident of success."

    Those lines really stood out to me when I read this piece. I'm so glad you posted. I missed reading your work, it's always so beautiful and well done. (:

  10. That was so chilling. It reminded me of war, but the beauty in it repressed that image.

  11. So beautifully expressed ... darkness ... evil ... and yet there is also beauty in the darkness, a safety of being unseen perhaps. I wonder at the almost universal fear that the night brings ... I suppose I like the invisibilty it brings to everything. Maybe that's just me! xx

  12. SHADOW is back with a dark one from the netherworld. Ending sounds like the "Battle of the Black (K)nights"...right into hell.

    The picture you painted with words reminds me of your words: "..winter is making itself known" in approaching Fall. Prepare for the onslaught of Winter--inescapable, inevitable.

    So happy to see you are, well... OK, and back in the "saddle", Shadow.

  13. Shadow, once again you had me at every word. glad your back too. Be well.

  14. Shadow

    Another gripping dark poem -- powerful , bold, reminds me of the war torn years for the Jewish community in Germany. Just what imagery worked for me but can mean many different Scenarios to many different folks

    love your style -- like no other


    glad you are back...

  15. The image and the poem are aligned well Shadow. Like getting pulled through a dark tunnel.

  16. Brother against brother - always the worst situation...a family split by unforseen consequences. A war or the memory of a war of the threat of a war maybe...thought provoking stuff.
    Blessings, Star

  17. wonderful entry into another realm, hope you post more in the genre...

    word verif: weadays

  18. Shadow:

    This may be a duplicate comment -- a bit of trouble with my commuter --

    Mankind's deepest darkest nightmares in the collective unconscious being served up by our daily mistreatment of one another.

    Another great poem ---

    glad you are back,

  19. Evil is definitely out there... and closer than many of us want to imagine. But fear is really our greatest enemy - the traitor which steals our light and allows evil to gain ground. The opposite of fear is love. Hold on to that.

    No one evokes mood quite like you, Shadow. This piece is brilliant, as always. The feeling of chaos you created with the rhythm of your words - growing longer and faster toward the end - was outstanding and original.

  20. Beautiful,lovely and fantastic shot !! Nice words !! Amazing !!

  21. When I have to fear the night I may as well let it have me for then there will be no peaceful portion of the day left for just me.

    Be Well Shadow and Scream at the fog it fears you more than you it.

  22. My dear Shadow....have you been missed terribly? Yes indeed!!!

    And this one that you come back with in your's so chilling, yet so brilliant. I love the last tied it all up.

    Excellent., I haven't seen Date Night. Not yet. :o)

  23. Wow! Such a dark mysterious night! I guess the darkness always arises the best and the worst feelings of the human being!

  24. WOW woman shadow, Where and what have you been to?
    You've been missed so long(what we are used to) and you come with this masterpiece of nightmare... Only YOU can lead us to such places with such words


  25. This was so descriptive I could nearly feel the darkness and evil!! Very, very powerful.

  26. Ouch! Night has always been feared, though we are probably more fearful in cities than anywhere else. Night brings out our instincts, predators' as well as preys'.

  27. I see a war within, between good and evil. Your physical images could be emotional scars and struggles.

  28. Wow. Too few of us have the courage to voice those feelings when they overtake us. But, we can't face what we don't acknowledge. Very brave and powerful!

  29. How appreciatively dark. The fog on the soul...(Hugs)Indigo

  30. I know that darkness and have been able to overcome. Many don't. Amazingly well described.

  31. Wow, dark and powerful. Thanks!

  32. Hi Shadow

    I like your poetry a lot. Hopefully in a few years I'll write like this too. You have so many different styles of writing. I guess practice makes perfect.

    You should enjoy what's left of this Monday fellow South African. :)

  33. I hope that fog doesn't have you in its grip.

  34. There is a lot of dark forces gathering over here that seem to have hate at the core. I don't like it and wish that we could put aside differences and work towards a better world.

  35. sounds dark out there shadow, even with the street lights.

    better keep one hand on that thread and just keep moving forward.

    even when it feels like you like it won't end.

    remember to keep your head, speak both languages living and dead.

    and every *ting* in between

    Italiano Espanol Italiano

    Svenska Francais Slovensky Espanol English Italia

    "c'è l'amore nel cielo! hay amore en el cielo!Det är kärlek i luften!je ljubezen v nebo!There is love in the sky lovely shadow!"

    fear not the day the spirit departs this earthly world, for a loving meal is being cooked in the sky, prepared by my mother's hand

    hold onto to the thread and keep moving

    I'll meet you on the other side just like our words said

    the kind words you typed and I read, my random translation from my ever spinning head

    here is your order from the looking glass store lovely shadow:everything that was typed herein. I am not a writer, I'm a translator

    here are your words, hear her words

    "the peace you seek comes from within"

  36. V-where is this place you're taking me and why? is it a location or a thought process that leads us to the place? will you, tomorrow, show us a way to avoid capture? I take your words very seriously, Shadow. Beyond their beauty.

  37. The first stanza is a beauty. The rest of the poem contributes sentiments I have often felt. They are difficult to convey in a poem. This is impressive - very!

  38. every last one of you will be captured, you are soooooo past that point of getting away with ANYTHING!!
    (that is EXACTLY the stuff I am talking about rick!!!)


    evidently you all mistook the debil for JEBUS you are ALL mine in due time, today only offer:I will give you $5 cash money for you soul, after midnite tonite I just start taking them. and Mark my dirty dusty words I will eventually strip you of your soul
    it's my function your world means nuthin

  39. what a post dis is??
    Truly beutiful, d power of darkness i sumtyms so strong dat we hv to kneel before it, but standing up again & try to defeat it is d true purpose of i think

  40. Dear aspiring Aunt: well is sure as hell ain't no lil uation. No-sir-rhee-bob not only does he hail from Huong Kuong thai won disAINTlilUATION
    nope, bigger than BIG graduation.
    (if my mother was in ear shot I would have said Grad U mother effing cock smoking G sus you Asian):)
    I mean it as a term of endearment

    if This is BY US ( was still around then hewrites would understand.

    and in honour of my dusty (backwards ways of doing things things I'll end it with this)

    Re: Thank You!
    (will you dusty me?)