Saturday, May 31, 2014

Temptation is my name

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Lead me to the edge of the cliff
and let me fall into the silent darkness
that is your soul,
then let the water touch my skin
‘til all my senses surrender to you
and temptation is my name.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Walk the streets at 2am...

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When you walk through the streets at 2am
streetlights cast subdued pools of light
at unsettlingly regular intervals,
while the bare branches of the roadside trees
evoke shadow creatures that exist only in your mind.
The silence is so heavy that the distant cry of a cat
sounds more like the final scream of a dying soul,
and the rustling in the leaves becomes a murderous stalker,
who’s trailed your every step, just waiting for the perfect moment
to plunge a dagger into your back.

And quite without thought your pace speeds up,
your strides become longer, you start to run,
but no matter how many miles you cover in your blind escape,
you cannot outrun the emptiness and isolation that surrounds you
like a darkness that harbours all your sins without a chance for absolution,
in a shadow world that enfolds you in an inescapable embrace.

Friday, May 23, 2014

A walk in the Shadow World

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The day the mist fell like a shimmering veil on the unsuspecting world
was the day when a long forgotten darkness raised its head, yawned and uncurled,
and his thoughts were rearranged as it stretched to flip a switch,
of his mind he lost control, focussed redirection ditched,
and when Roger Waters asked “Is there anybody out there”
every sense in him agreed, ‘twas the devil who doesn’t care,
who induced in him a longing for a silence that is deep,
for a numbing by the poison in his veins to through him seep,
and no play the world now offered would detract him from this end,
for tonight he walks the shadow world that to the grave descends.