Friday, March 29, 2013

Midnight at Noon

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The bright silver light of a round full moon
mirrors in the daylight,
through cloud layer thin and muted sound,
a moment'ry of midnight at noon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to train your Dragon

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When the dragon looks at you with its gaze hypnotic, deep,
you can feel the peaceful dream of the freedom numbness heaps,
on your body and your mind as it feeds you with its breath,
taking hold and wanting more of this wanted, timeous death.
 It’s a dragon that won’t go, who demands a part of you,
with each breath he takes a piece of the dream state you once knew,
‘til the craving in you mounts to a thirst you cannot sate,
and you chase the dragon whom you no longer can dictate.

This is when you start to sink into ruins black with mould,
while your addled mind keeps seeking ways to shed this dire hold,
yet the desperation claws, shredding reason, tearing pride
into shards that cut you deep, and the dragon’s back inside.
 'til the night when lightning ripped through the clouds into your soul,
thunder roaring as the dragon fought to keep you in control,
and although I may succumb to the wafting tail tomorrow
for this moment it is I who no longer deigns to follow…