Saturday, January 30, 2016

Running with Wolves

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She didn’t have a chance this girl, running with the wolves,
she walked with him to the edge of heaven,
she was lost sitting cross-legged in the rain.

In her mind sang his song, on her body played his fingers,
she burned with him and inflamed the heavens,
they played through the storm of their own creation.

The glass shatters into a million shards filling thunderous skies with ice,
she is whole when she is broken, she is free when confined by him.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's 3am somewhere

Nothing strangles as efficiently

as the noose we tie

around the neck

that is our very own.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Scatter my ashes on a rainy day

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  Sunday afternoon’s razor blades are still lying on the table
when Monday morning sharpens its edge
on the rays of sleeplessness piercing its mark,
twisting a thousand images into a barreling truck,
running without brakes on a highway without incline.
  Chaos streams through the streets of my mind,
loose strings hanging everywhere, which will rise and which will fall.
  No. My death will not be slow,
not one of a million unnoticeable moments slipping by.
  No, I will run wild with the stallions unfamiliar to capture,
I will burn until every thought has been fulfilled,
and I will fill your world with my breath, with my touch.
  I hope it rains on the day you scatter my ashes.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's been said...

picture source:’s been said, if you can hear the quiet at 39 past midnight, feel it, breathe it in,
you can connect with another being,
the one sharing your body, your soul,
   and under oppressive clouds at 40 past noon,
see building clouds and lightning strikes draw near,
you’re destined to meet in the battlefield,
to burn off the compulsion you're breathing in.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mist the skies for me

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    Rain mists the sky,
deepens every shadow,
silence melts into me,

    the hollow pounding slows,
I’m numb to your absence,
the quiet sets me free.

    Past crashing waves on ancient rocks
you mist the skies with your stinging drops,
keep misting the skies for me.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Through misty veils of confusion

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     Why does right, feel so wrong,
why does honourable strangle my spirit,
steal the laughter from my eyes……
     how does it twist peace into misty sorrow,
since when did freedom cut so deep into my skin
it bleeds through sleepless nights when my conscious is clear,
     why does right suddenly feel…… so wrong?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

...when worlds criss-cross

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     All the drugs in the world cannot stop the rusty nails raking through my consciousness,
no oblivion can silence the ghosts, the seeds of kismet,
screaming out dreams, impulsive desires,
rebelling against oppression, meshed, a vortex of destruction
wipes me with a pain unrivaled to any you can subject to my physical being.
     There is nothing I can control, there is nothing I can ingest, there is no way I can re-create, time that’s passed by.  So.  Obliterate me.  Obliterate the whole of me, shape me from dust, and let me once again walk this earth, with the eyes and the feet of a child.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Moments in Time

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Imbedded in my veins, you flow across my vision,
my flesh responds to every thought I have of you,
there’s a constant burning for your fingers, rough on my skin,
only you can leash the madness that is buried in my soul.
It’s your fire that satiates me,
you, who takes me to the edge I dive off,
where you are bare before me, I hear your every wave,
feel every inch of you again my skin that’s searing hot to touch,
and I taste your salty skin on my lips, I breathe in deep, into forever more.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Today, I Cry...

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I cry for you and I cry for the tears that are falling,
for every loss you suffered, each end you did not plan,
all the sorrow of the nights you cry at 3am because you are invisible and the darkness cannot harm you.
I cry for my forgotten dreams,
the forgiveness I owe myself,
for the scars I drew on others and injustices I executed, fully knowing they came from my own black tears,
never expressed nor acknowledged but hidden behind an impenetrable sheet in the recesses of my mind.
I cry for the tears you’ll still cry,
I cry when I see your eyes shining with happiness,
I cry when the sunset over the ocean’s horizon takes me to my knees
where I can think the thoughts you want me to think
and you bring the quiet back into my soul.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


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     You slay your fellow man in the streets and you slaughter your nation,
     yet you presume you can shut me out, silence me and erase my words.
     I dare you to continue on this march, disregarding our voice, self-assured you will be the victor,
     but we have ceased to eat the cake you’ve been serving, we have purged ourselves of your deceit.
     You will be your downfall, your pride will extinguish your existence and that of every follower who’s ever responded to the poison emitting from your pores.
     The truth can’t be detained, justice finds its own, as the right will be triumphant and no liar’s ever found their way to heaven.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Daydream

     Walk into the glowing reflection where there’re both faeries and black witches battling for supremacy in every thought and footstep that you take,

     feel the light living in your spirit and the magnetic pull towards the shadows, the soft moss underfoot and the rocks that cut your soul,

     hear the white noise which is etching away at your heart and see the flickering images that torment you every night parade before you in the street,

     (then) sit on the swing in the park and chase bare feet into the sky, as high as you did when you were a child, when the lack of doubt and worries made you weightless and you would drift through cotton wool clouds, untouchable,

     and stay there as long as you like, ‘til the sun warms the descending dusk, ‘til the night captures your being, ‘til the breeze blows away all your yesterdays and the darkness has bled you dry. Only then will you feel the silver rays of the waning full moon brush your cheeks with a kiss to wish you well.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Leaves litter the kitchen floor

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   Leaves litter the kitchen floor,
blown in by a wind that’s turned cold
and determined in expressing its control.
   Bronze goosebumps are visible on my skin,
my bare limbs feel exposed, naked, to the icy fingers that brush, then grab and pull me their chosen direction.
   Leaves snag in my hair that is blowing
with the wind, the cold, the wet, the darkness, that I need.

Friday, January 8, 2016

To the Faithless and Untrue

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 I’m revolted by the depth of the duplicity and deception you are imposing on your people, your own country and your forefathers. You defile their achievements by speaking its failures, you destroy their respect by allotting shame, and you insult every honest drop of sweat it took to build such a strong and noble nation it scared them so much they have the need to destroy it.  And you sold out. You do not deserve the title of ‘citizen’. You are the weakest of the weak, a coward managed by remote control, and you deserve to stand before your fellowman to be judged by them in the only manner befitting a traitor, with your own blood. And I will watch it seep into the ground, I will be there to purge you of every drop that flowed in those treacherous veins, and nothing will ever touch that poisoned, black piece of soil again. Not a foot, not a seed, not even a cockroach.