Thursday, December 31, 2020

31 December 2020


 The last day of the year and my heart is filled with sadness,

sadness for the madness prevailing on this plane,

sadness for the masses knowingly or unknowingly deceived,

sadness for the anger directed at the wrong people,

sadness for the lack of empathy that exists,

sadness for the callous nature in which humanity is being persecuted,

sadness for those living unnecessarily in fear,

sadness for those who have no hope,

sadness for those who don’t see a future,

sadness for the misdirected,

sadness for the broken,

sadness for the lost,

sadness for a time gone by, never to return,

sadness for the loss of freedom,

sadness for the loss of joy,

sadness for the anger trapped in so, so many people,

sadness for the lonely,

sadness for the isolated,

sadness for memories that feel like a fairy tale,

sadness for the youth who have to live this out,

sadness for the elderly whose entire reality has been removed,

sadness for the loss of love,



…and I pray the love and joy still alive

will overtake and consume all the evil, the darkness, the threats, the deception,

and may the devil take his own and depart from my reality, and this plane, forever.



Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Holding On



There is this knowing, an awareness almost inherent,

a feeling of, it has always been, maybe silent, but never away,

wrecking havoc on me, yanking me this way then that,

feelings my body has not forgotten, images alive in my mind,

I can taste the fresh air, I can taste the freedom,

it was never meant to be another way, this is contrary,

I’m holding on, we have always been, holding on is what we do well.


Thursday, December 3, 2020

Worlds beyond our World


 Nights are still the most peaceful place to dwell in,

the silence of a soft rustling in the hedge, a hooting owl, in the far-off distance a barking dog,

the darkness of the brightly sparkling stars, dimming as night by night the moon is growing,

the perfection of lack of sight opening your vision to worlds beyond ours,

to dreams in magnificent colour and detail you can taste them, smell them,

you want them so badly, a slight tilt would topple you into the unknown and steal your soul forever

and all you’d leave behind were the footprints on the paths you walked

and the tears shed by those who were true to you, shared your life, loved you,

yes, I would not hesitate to fall into that unknown, the fa├žade of this world has crumbled

and I can bear no more the degradation, destruction, dissolution, maliciousness and greed

that rules this plane, and what I see to be possible, underscores the depth of your deception,

and is also the starting point of your demise.