Thursday, May 10, 2018

I am the darkness

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I am the darkness in your soul
I catch the light and deflect its warmth from your skin
I turn the notes which flow into a tangled mess of discord
I am your nightmare waiting for the perfect moment to rip you from your carefully crafted dreams
spinning your peace into a void of dwindling madness
each time it’s harder to rise to the surface
each time shortens your breath
weakens your limbs systematically
wears you down with the weight of your fears and guilt
forces your ego to the forefront
poisons the steadfast
de-rails you from your chosen path
blinding you from the truth of who you’re becoming
when only darkness rules your soul.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Moonlight's magick

It’s at 3am she awakens when he murmurs her name while he sleeps
in his dream he reaches through the stars touches her as the moonlight creeps
‘cross her eyes seeking out the nightly sun gifted those the daylight can’t reach
she stretches her limbs she can feel his eyes feel the fire only his hands can bring.

At dawn the eagle’s eyes are sharp, now become real what once was a game
a twitch in his heart urges him to flight, find the spirit that won’t be tamed
to each other is all what was promised them, to live free to them was ordained
he can hear her breath, he can smell her scent, she's callings the name she cannot forget.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


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The darkness slowly falls
'til all you’re left with is the glowing trees,
even the waves recede into momentary silence
in deference to the moon falling off the mountain.

Monday, April 23, 2018

you can be

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If only love I feel
only beauty I see
only passion I be
will you fin’ly agree

that the fight is dead
from lies you’ve bled
the truth’s you led
to what’s coming yet

you can live the love you feel
bathe in beauty that you see
kindle passions you can be
tuned to nature’s harmony.


Friday, April 20, 2018

Magic's delight

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Darkness softly settles over the forest green,
sending you visions of that which you dream,
follow the sound of the tambourines' song,
it’s you they are calling, been calling for so long.

Dance over the mossy paths so soft and green,
hold my hand as you do when you dream,
around the bonfire brightly blazing with song,
here, yes it's here, where you belong.

Light is the spirit alive in your heart,
gone is the pain and sorrow’s cold dart,
this night’s for believers of magic’s delight,
fly with the wings you’ve been given this night.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


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May the angels have mercy on my soul tonight,
the longing, a palpable ache in the depths of my being,
a sorrow draping itself over everything I see, drawing images of you beside me, here, where I am,
conversations playing off in my mind, so tantalisingly real my lips form a grin of pleasure,
my shoulders draw back in anticipation of your touch, presented for you, inviting you in,
your breath a song of love and desire, singing to the highest heaven of the joy you give to me,
satisfy my unspoken needs, my eyes alive, your hands ravaging my body,
I am a tool in your hands, play with me to your heart’s desire.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I am angry

picture source: myself, for not saying what I think, what I feel, what I know, for censoring everything I do to please others, for being what society wants me to be, for the injustices in the world, the labels, the seekers of labels, the ignorant, I am angry at the world for creating all these broken people, I am angry for feeling broken myself, I am angry for all my stupid deeds, and I am tired of being tired, tired of feeling purposeless, aimless wandering through each day, I am angry at being judged, at every doubt I feed myself, for every time I step back instead of smashing through the barrier of control imposed by other people, I’m angry at the passage of time, at my traitorous heart, my sinful flesh, I am angry for accepting every hurt along the way which brought me to this point, I am angry ‘cause you do not even try to listen to me, that you dispel harmony and pleasure with criticism, doubt, ignorance and your own fears, I have something to offer, I have something to contribute, I am good enough, I am worthy of respect and love, and if you don’t trust me, that is fine, trust is earned after all, not given.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We are all just slaves

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We are all just slaves,
slaves to our fathers, our lovers, to society,
slaves to rules not ours to own
but nonetheless accepted, without resistance or question.

We are enslaved by our routines, our jobs, laws, thieves,
we are locked behind high walls and separation,
behind ‘should’, behind a label, behind the responsibilities we bear,
we latch onto our most prized possessions in fear it will be taken,
but it’s already gone since we’re the ones denying ourselves its joy.

We’ve been beaten, good and solid, we are enslaved by our own fear,
too afraid to dare, too afraid to take a stand, too afraid to say what we think,
we are slaves because we wouldn’t know what to do with freedom if we had it.

We are slaves because we believe what we are told by our masters
whom we outnumber ten thousand to one?
Yes, we are slaves because we believe every unsubstantiated threat,
comfortable in the straightjackets handed to us at birth,
and as slaves we will die running on a treadmill of another’s creation, for another’s gain.

Is that the legacy you want to leave behind? Do you not feel even a little angry?
I will not pass silently over this land, nor hand my children into slavery,
somewhere, this has to stop, why not here, why not now?