Friday, September 21, 2018

The Dream

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She was wandering through the market as the sun showered the world with its last golden waves, the smoke of wood fires and incense drifted in the breeze and one by one lights sparked alive, electrifying the air with energy and laughter.  The next instance, strong arms reached out from behind, wrapped around her waist, and drew her in tightly.  She gasped but didn’t struggle, she knew those arms, the scent, powerfully male, and the growl of delight and promises in her ear.
She relaxed into him without a word, the surrounding people and festivities having suddenly lost their appeal in his familiar warmth.  Sighing she turned around to face him, eye to eye, thigh to thigh.  Then he drew away, took her hand and led her through the throng down to the river now rippling silver in the moonlit night.
Under a tree away from the lights he kissed her, fierce was the longing of sinking souls long deprived of oxygen. In time they sank to the ground and started talking, laughing and asked and told, words flowing easily and unhindered as if they had never been apart.  They kept reaching out and touching each other to reassure themselves the other is indeed real, reclaiming familiar lines and contours with almost a feeling of reverence.
Then she sat back and looked at him, ‘So, why are you here?’ ‘I said I’d see you again, I had to, come with me…… will you?’
Her entire being stilled at these words, a million thoughts, doubts and dreams flashed before her eyes, she had no air and he had just breathed the freshest, cleanest air into her being.  Silently, her eyes still locked with his, she stood up, stretched out her hand, ‘Come, let’s go’ before breaking into a smile so bright it ignited the fire he’d been carefully controlling for a long time, it was their time to light up the skies with their dreams……

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

the duality of life

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It was a bitter battle between the heart and the mind,
an insurgence of duality, sense opposing the senses,
blurring the lines of right and wrong, of just and unjust,
when is selfish allowed to override selfless,
when is it mine to take, when should I retreat……

I concede defeat, I surrender without resistance
to obtain the freedom of my spirit, the object of my desire
in whichever form or shape, and proceed to love it
without guilt, without hesitation, fully and deeply
as was intended from the very beginning,
I have wasted too much time already.

Friday, September 7, 2018

When the heavens cry

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Tears are falling steadily from the heavens,
mist rises up from the forest floor
meeting clouds tasting the ground,
cold fingers trail along the back of my neck
and chase a chill down my spine,
before me, flames reach high into a bottomless blackness,
behind me, wild wild waves crash towards the shore with driven intent,
stay with me through this drenching storm
locked away from the outside world,
let the sky be our guide to finding our souls,
take this time, immerse yourself in me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The path we travel

We have loved and been denied, choices made and crucified,
from a heady self-indulgence we were thrown in darkest dungeons,
still my soul finds its way back to you.

Maybe touched by angels’ wishes or a spell by idle witches,
you will live in me forever, I have fallen hard, however,
not one moment of our time would I undo.

When we’re together the world’s alive, we ignite, yes! oh, we thrive,
not an innocent path we chose, some’d rebuff it, heaven knows
I can’t turn from what we have, it’s always you.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

...a day, with my son

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The rain is steadily falling, a misty sheet from silver skies spreading as far as my eyes can see,
the ocean’s end blends with the clouds so close and low if I reach out I could touch the end of the world,
I am mesmerised by the tiny drops that have formed a glistening crown on your hair, lighting up your beautiful face,
and I am speechless with wonder of this gift that is you in my life.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Silence of the mind

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How could my voice have retreated so far
into the deepest recesses of my mind,
silent games, mocking and sneering
at my frozen lips and flashing eyes
betraying all I am unable to express
to you……

Friday, July 27, 2018

'tis the night before Full Moon

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Late winter, the night before Full Moon, it’s 2.41am,
the sky’s as brightly lit as by the sun, at noon, mid-Summer,
only the brightest of bright stars grace this time with the moon
and when the wind doesn’t rattle the leaves in the trees
carrying with it the salty air from the ocean,
the waves reach for me, crash through me,
before the night drifts back into silence
and fluffy white clouds drift across a cold, lonely sky
to the clicking, it’s the rain song, of those tiny little frogs…

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

find your fire

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……the smouldering fire sparks alive,
lazy licks along smoking logs,
reaching, testing, claiming, the flames leap
higher and higher in joyful jubilation;
as should your soul as it shifts through the day,
touching, tasting, lighting the way
through the darkness, find your fire.