Monday, June 29, 2009

a touch of nephrite

follow the echo
of opening gates
to the rising sun at midnight
where spirits touch
believing souls
with powers of nephrite*

whispers become
the guiding light
of feelings truthful descent
goodness can’t live
within shadows
it gleams with pure intent

*nephrite strengthens and brings longevity to its wearer. wearing it as a talisman protects against failure and misfortune. the blue or green nephrite overcomes evil in the person, helps him to change for the best. nephrite has strong powers: it promotes changes for the best in daily life, helps to overcome deadlocks. it is a stone of singles; they should always carry it as a talisman. as an amulet it protects from sickness, strengthens vital forces of the body.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

come, come with me

come, take my hand
let me lead you astray
forget all these paths
in this vast array
spread out before you
come, trust in me
i will not coerce you
please come with, freely

come, see the sights
i see through my eyes
let it flow through you
like a fresh new moonrise
and dispel all your fears
come, trust in me
let go of the chains
it’s a burden, heavy

and should we get lost
in this colourful maze
that i have espied
through gilded doorways
we’ll revel enchanted
in sweet air bubbly
why don’t we try it
come, let’s go see?

Thursday, June 18, 2009


eyes that long for the unknown road
vistas that beckon him on
wanderlust that sings its song
seeking the thrill of new dawn
an urge that demands a change of scene
meet strangers in a bar
exchanging words that scratch the top
‘though staying an arm’s length far

in all directions, north and south
east and west will follow
comfort in movement is what he feels
in his heart is hidden sorrow
voices that speak yet are not heard
acknowledged for what they are
desire to find an unknown place
he keeps the door ajar

in his mind’s eye and in his heart
he knows the point he seeks
on the cusp the door remains closed
he turns and the floorboard creaks
yet sooner or later he will return
to known place, his favourite café
to haunt his sheltered corner booth
outside, his trusty coupe


Monday, June 8, 2009

the suitcase III

As dawn sneaked through the curtains
her eyes scanned a strange room.
Strange, yet somehow comforting.
Maybe it was the scent
of the goose down duvet
from her childhood on the bed
that held her snug through the night.
She lay with closed eyes
as her body stretched awake,
when her sleepy and still mind
was assailed by doubts and misgivings.
Of what she left behind,
her home of many years,
of the man with whom she’d shared
late-night giggles and secrets.
Just in time she too remembered
that those nights and whispered words
were a memory and times
from a long, long time ago…
She opened up her eyes,
and a ray of sunlight caught
a locket beside her bed, with the inscription
‘Always follow your dream’.
With that she bounced out of bed
into the day
of discovering new roads,
through new surroundings,
exchanging a few words
with people who were still strangers.
‘Til the late afternoon sun
found her gazing at a place
tucked into a leafy garden corner
alongside an ancient sandstone building.
A little bell tinkled
as she opened up the door,
and with a smile she greeted
a man hunched over a desk,
‘I believe you’re in need of assistance?’
And this became the start,
a new beginning opened up,
in a new place with new faces.
No more old routine,
no more cell phone and call sheets.
No more being in same place
at the same time every day.
No more time spent cooking dinner,
favourite meals that weren’t her own.
No more heeding others moods,
no more two people alone…

Monday, June 1, 2009

the suitcase II

The road behind stretches,
up ahead she sees tomorrow.
She’s on her way
to heaven or hell,
to return at a quarter to never.
All she has is an old brown suitcase
and dreams building in her mind.
The purring engine a melody sweet,
while the white flashing line
induces a peaceful hypnotic haze.
The tremors in her hands slowly subside
as she breathes in freedom
and breathes out relief.
She leaves behind the cityscape,
passes grasslands and wheat fields tall,
towards a valley
and over a mountain
before she comes to a halt.
A country cottage
with ‘rooms for rent’
sees her stretching the kinks out her neck.
Tended green lawns
surrounded by pines
refresh her tired eyes.
She turns, a slow full circle,
drinking in the sights and sounds.
In the distance through the trees
dark blue breakers tumble playfully,
easing the echoes in her head,
as the waft of salt
the scent of green
tickle her nose and her senses.
And at her back
tall mountain tops
stand guard
as the sun ever so slowly sets…