Tuesday, May 29, 2018


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Have you found the gateway to other realms scattered oh so plentifully around us,
ones which instantly transport you into other dimensions?
These doorways to worlds alive in your mind, built by your memories and your imaginings,
your own creation of visions granted you on your daily wanderings,
limitless as your dreams, intoxicating as your favourite drug, the perfect avenue of escape…

when you’ve have enough of the assault on your senses in this toxic world,
when the noise in your head threatens to blow your present reality into derailment,
when the idiocracy you encounter burns your being when attempting to engage,
when your heart cries as witness to the self-destruction by fools disguised as our leaders
who have pledged allegiance with higher masters who will erase them as soon as their duty is fulfilled.

Friday, May 25, 2018

I miss

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I miss
being silly and goofy, impulsive, a little irresponsible,
laughing without thought and getting soaked in the rain,
staying out late and sleeping late, playing hooky and lazing away the time,
getting my clothes wet from playing in shallow waves,
walking barefoot through the village, preferably with an ice cream cone in my hand……

These are 55 words Galen Hayes's way, Joy at Verse Escape is our new host. If you want to play, head on there.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

I am the darkness

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/375909900139407869/

I am the darkness in your soul
I catch the light and deflect its warmth from your skin
I turn the notes which flow into a tangled mess of discord
I am your nightmare waiting for the perfect moment to rip you from your carefully crafted dreams
spinning your peace into a void of dwindling madness
each time it’s harder to rise to the surface
each time shortens your breath
weakens your limbs systematically
wears you down with the weight of your fears and guilt
forces your ego to the forefront
poisons the steadfast
de-rails you from your chosen path
blinding you from the truth of who you’re becoming
when only darkness rules your soul.