Friday, March 25, 2016

Vibrations in the Wind

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I walk outside, feel the wind pulling this way and that,
look up into storm clouds building, growing angry and dark,
that is where I see us, secluded at the edge of a forest,
locked in by fantasy and time.

That night the full moon dodges through clouds,
playing hide-an-seek with shadows, sleek, dressed in silver mist,
chasing across new skies, seen by but oh way too few,
as they become the vibration in the wind.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Climbing the Vines of Pleasure

picture source:"Hot summer nights, mid July, when you and I were forever wild." The Great Gatsby

I remember the silence in the soft breeze at dusk
on hot summer skin, cooling to the moon’s early greeting,
eager to share our laughter and living,
anxious to witness the vibrations
of a language you’ll find in no dictionary,
and watching us climb the vines of pleasure,
he enhances our indulgence
with his silver touch.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To the Dreamers

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There’s no life left in this air,
frozen deer caught in the glare,
I am pulled in ways, all four,
with myself I am at war.
Where’s the hunger, pleasures’ sigh,
if it’s gone then I must die.

Hollow silence fills my heart,
from myself I am apart,
lost, the touch, and lost, my friend,
lost our words, until the end.
I’m amiss, at darkness’ door,
I’m a dreamer, I must soar.

Caught I may be, in currents tow,
yesterday’s gone, it’s time to go,
deep the desire, determined the flesh,
mine is the choice I must express.
Free the hunger, indulge pleasures’ sigh,
my dream it won’t, it won’t just die…