Thursday, December 31, 2015


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......whether you should do it tonight,
why not, what could possibly go wrong this year.

Happy New Year *kiss kiss*

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dreams of the Innocent

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Can you feel the breath, it changes,
vibrations lead the way to follow,
requir’ing blinding faith you do not feel,
towards a realm that’s at the fringe
of your reality, reach out, don’t falter,
assent will lead you through the gates to me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Meet me on the Sidewalk

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     The raindrops fall freely from silver skies onto dancing forms with thirsty skin and heated breath,
     savouring the thousand fingers that trail down their limbs, a river, not meant to cool the soul, but stroke the seeds of desire that lay dormant in the drought and they sprout,
     reaching out to lick and taste and feel and absorb the drops from your glistening skin,
     the need to have and engage a single-minded purpose from which you cannot deviate,
     you cannot withdraw from my privation, you may not remove yourself from me until my shattered world is rebuilt with colour and life, and my aching roots can rest for a while, they’ve been fed, they are sated, their thirst has been slaked. For a while.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Reign of the Sun

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    The sun reigns supreme whereas I am longing for wet black skies and violent nights, where thunder competes with the lightning strike and the wind roars its objections, sweeping me south because I am meant to feel these vibrations on my skin, the lightning course through in my blood and rush towards eternity by your command alone.
     So give me the darkness, give me the night, I am tired of happy crowds and fluffy clouds. I cede control to the storm in the sky.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Judged and The Unfettered

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  I left behind the city lights, the tarnished gold that filled my pockets, to follow the highway with the broken veins of those who lost their soul in the place they thought they’d find it.
  The silver ribbon of light from the moon leads me to where the waves meet the forest and I feel the need to shed my cloak, my clothes, my kin, and I follow the intoxicating scent of the moonflower to a blazing bonfire, where free spirits cavort with instinctual glee to the sounds the dark night emits.
  I watch in fascination, hypnotized and bewitched by the energy bounding off them in ever-increasing circles to reach the edge of light, further, reaching for all the lost shadows and urging them forward into the clearing.
  As I enter the sphere of light, a wave sweeps through my consciousness, ripple after ripple rolls over me, a million fingers touching every surface, every crevice, exploring, tasting, testing, gauging…
  and I follow the call, spiral into faultless silence to be erased, extinguished, down to my essence, and with only impulse and inclination, I can rise unhindered and unjudged in the shape of who I am.
  Now I can release my energy, let it flow back into the dark forest, over the highway with the broken veins, to cross the path of another lost shadow, point them to the silver ribbon of light from the moon.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

House of the Wolf

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I don’t think I ever was an obsession for you, a raw desire than needed to be gratified, you did not seek to capture, conquer, tame.  I am not the memory that is triggered by the sight of the white moon rising over the darkened forest, the scent of the night you inhale and need to own.  You do not see the dancing spirits of my soul as they swirl in coloured streaks before your eyes, and although I’ll never doubt your full possession of my body, you do not see in me.  It is easy to enslave the flesh, but he who enslaves the soul, is the one who owns you.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stardust Wisdom

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Yesterday can tie me into knots of guilty choices and regrettable reflections, as can the images I project from an uncompleted screenplay, be distorted by the blinkers time holds in my sight.  So next time I’m contemplating a constant, would it not be prudent to lift my head, smell the sunset on my skin, walk into the summoning water without a thought or hesitation and drown in the squeals of delight and shock my senses imprint on me?  I've been told it’s intense in the here and now…

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Perfect Self-Destruction

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I have an image in my mind, you are pinned to the floor, have no-where to go, by my body that is holding you down, skin to searing skin, and I look into your eyes, drink you in until we sink, you sink into my body and I sink into your soul; slowly, deeper, to the moment of admission when you move parameters beyond known bounds. Take what you must, provide what I must have, I am yours to own, if you give me what I want.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

And then it's gone

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I’m watching the rain clouds building in the far-off distance, the cool fingers of a darken sky brushing my cheeks, and I feel the thunder rumbling towards me, muttering dissent at having been denied free reign to assault the parched land for too long, but the hot breath of the sinners strikes a gale of fiery anger, and denies the storm once more.