Friday, December 29, 2017

Water calling Water

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The grey waves rolling, bubbling, drawing me in, hypnotising my senses,
the wind a thousand fingers stroking my skin, hands trailing over every curve, every rise,
the sand swirling around my feet a dizzying dance of elation,
washing away every burden and every sin,
gifting me with the momentary innocence of a child,
the oceans roars through me, water calling water……

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The world in your mind

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When the hell in your head is too much to bear,
there is the world in your mind into which you can escape,
here you can create a space of your own, where you are in control,
where you are accepted, where you can find your breath.
In this world you can colour things your shade of darkness,
fill the shadows with monsters of your own design
and write the route to their demise,
you can choose to fill this world with people of your choice,
give them scripts from your fingers flying across the keyboard,
you can shut out the unbearable pain that has no origin and no name,
and the passage of time brings no desperation and hopelessness,
you can live your way, on your terms, and dissatisfaction is simply edited out,
in this world you can find the peace you’re not destined to find in your waking life,
but be careful, you may be tempted to get lost in there…

Friday, December 8, 2017

55 03:00 8.12

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03:00 8.12
When I’m alone your face floats before my eyes,
there’s an ache on my skin where your touch has been,
why did you go, why did you leave such a sadness,
it’s only you, since I met you it’s only you who holds my heart,
who owns my soul, be with me now.

This is 55 word piece offering, in remembering an old friend, Galen Hayes, now hosted by Joy at Verse Escape so if you want to participate, head on over there.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Foggy images of the mind

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clouds flooding in from the southern divide,
a curtain of longing, of losses in time,
shreds of images stirring through grey waters
driven by a steady wind, shivers run across your skin,
and slowly the rain starts to fall, soft as a veil
drenching your soul with sorrow
as memories dance through you once more

Monday, November 20, 2017

A day as today

picture my own

I wish for everyone a day as today, as was yesterday, as I hope for tomorrow,
a day where time loses its importance and you’re in tune with the rhythm of your soul,
this is freedom, ultimate peace, a schedule greatly your own,
in a clear space, secluded, by villagers presumed to be a transient stranger,
I’m an unknown, invisible, I’m at ease.  Here every day gifts me
with visions stealing my breath, awakens memories and feelings
bringing me to a halt, and I just drink it all in, breathe it in, smile,
be it days of pastel sunrises and golden sunsets,
or days shrouded in a cocoon of silver-grey clouds
in a mist as light as a kiss, each feeding, cleansing, clearing, rebuilding,
to the constantly changing, ever-present motion cast by the waves.
If not here, I will never find my direction, my path, realise my strengths,
reach the frequency written for me on the day I was born,
a recipe from my forefathers, to live as me, to truly be free,
in trust, in truth, in love,


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Life's a rollercoaster

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It is all in my hands
I hold the reigns
To direct the way, to make things happen, to choose the direction,
I have the ability
To lead my own life
To enjoy what I do, to follow my heart, to create my dreams,
I have the authority
To say No, to say Yes, to opt out, to ask questions, to respectfully refuse
I have the right
To deny my love, to change my friends, my home, my surroundings, my life

What happened to make me believe I am not worthy of your time, made me feel I have no gift, no talent, for music, drawing, writing... why do I feel I do not matter, am not significant enough, don’t know enough, am somehow lacking.  What happened for me to presume I am too inconsequential to be missed, have made no contributions, haven’t helped somebody, somewhere, at some time, why do I feel love is conditional, why don’t I own my part in making things happen, why do I feel nothing I’ve created is my own, why can’t I find a place where I belong, how can thoughts be so crippling sometimes……

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This is the end, my friend

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When I look all I see is darkened skies as far as the eyes can see,
swirling clouds forming battlements to lightning whips command,
while the winds carry warnings and promises of doom,
spreading distrust and suspicion under scrutiny of their gaze,
now it’s nation against nation, brothers against sister, man against humanity,
there’s no avoiding this final confrontation, pride and hate locked and loaded,
restlessly waiting for the crack of the first shot,
it’s the call to an end where no-one is left standing,
maybe then peace can reign over these blood-soaked tired lands……

Sunday, October 22, 2017


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Today I mourn,
I mourn for the hopeless, the helpless, the lost,
I cry for the wailing souls I hear in the midnightly hours
I cry for the emerging grown-ups who have not lived one day,
trapped as they were by the cyber world, brainwashed to indulgences,
shirking responsibility of the self, to whom the ridiculous is everyday,
whose every whim, knock and dent entitles claims of victimisation,
who are unable to form an original thought, their imagination seized,
of stunted intelligence in the field of life although masters of the artificial,
the linked, the tweeted, anything not involving contact with real people,
real values, real actions and reactions, real integrity, true in word and deed,
true to a meaningful belief, true to themselves and their being,
they are no longer able to tell the difference between history and fairy tales, no!
I mourn the souls of these poor damaged creatures emerging to rule our world,
they don’t stand a chance, you cannot win a fight you are unaware of participating in,
their baseline has been removed and reshaped into a twisted self-serving society
with a lack of common sense and no clue as to what is right and what is wrong,
spineless beings living by euphemisms and acronyms,
who believe this managed chaos is for the betterment of humanity,
who believe war brings peace and obedience implies freedom,
today I cry for you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Feel it, just feel it

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Feel it, just feel it, the instant unwanted feelings of whatever nature touch you, before resistance grips hold of you and pauses everything, feel it, just feel it.  Feel the power of something stronger than you thunder through you, across your vision, over your skin, feel how it reaches out to direct your words, reactions, thoughts, feel it cornering you, holding you helpless against a cold, bare wall, assaulting everything, blocking the light, hope, faith, dragging you into a vortex of isolation, desolation built from yesterdays and tomorrow… look it in the eyes, allow it roam freely and feel, feel how frustration and rage lashes at your sanity and reason, feel the struggle for air from the dying darkness, let it run its course, it will retreat, exhausted and weak, and then feel the surge of your self return, with each breath regaining control, feel the adrenalin racing through your veins, feel it, it may be terrifying, yet it's quite exhilarating too.

Friday, October 13, 2017


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Today I feel the need to fly to the dark side,
follow the hedonistic chants rolling through me,
without forethought indulge the impulses striking,
run free through worlds that may not even exist,
I want to exhaust these desires, burning blisteringly hot,
delve into the deepest darkness where chaos is my nectar,
madness my sanity, where normality means death,
I can handle the pain, the darkness holds no fear,
I am strong enough to face the repercussions,
for you see, sometimes I need to feel the dark.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Old books. New books.

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So many things are fast evolving,
so many people and places will fade away,
so too the memories evoked by proximity,
time erasing details with each tick, with each tock,
voices receding, becoming softer,
until all you hear is a whisper of an echo
draped in the shades of a silvery night,
the warmth of your touch steadily replaced by emptiness......

And just ahead there is blue air and moist footpaths
twisting through untraveled forests,
there I will hear birdsong and croaking frogs,
learn to place my fellow wanderers
by their sound, movements, habits, scent,
I can carve out new routes and routines,
find pleasing places before turning one into a familiar,
bask in the sunshine on a sunny day on warm sea sand,
snuggle down before a wood fire on misty dreary days,

I will take pleasure in writing a new book, on new pages, in a new room,
and I always will treasure the book I am closing now.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Duel

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There are many worlds alive in my soul,
the past intertwines with now,
touches my skin has not forgotten,
loves lived, fights fought, paths parted,
creating new endings from old beginnings,
written as riddles across the stars,
duelling for supremacy in my waking hours,
are they edging me towards my purpose
or my demise?

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Midnight under the Moon

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At midnight under the moon
the mind plays back movies
of magic, misgivings and needs.

Here my limbs mimic
movements from our dance
in a mist of merriment and mystery,
where I can wander through meadows
cast in the light from your eyes,
and where my senses react to your motion,
mingle with your scent,
move through me,
a touch of love.

I’m silenced by your honesty,
humbled in the presence of your faith,
a witness to you who lives your truth,
that is life, that is what I need,
such are the yearnings
under the moon at midnight.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Where is Heaven

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Dawn runs its lazy fingers over my limbs,
stretches its warmth to the length of my body,
awakens the need to be alive, to fulfil,
to be in your presence, lead me to you, be my guide,
all I need is your touch, I will find the way.

And with the rising of the moon at 2am
I will devour you as would a starving man
too long deprived of your scent, your taste,
a growling hunger possessing,
every cell compelling, begging, for surrender
to the cravings deep down in my soul.

Where is heaven and where is hell?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

It's Time for a Revolution!

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An entire race depicted
as hunters of a peaceable nation,
subjected to the madness of a cold, cold soul,

judged and found guilty by temperate minds,
raised on the lies of their keepers,

where truth and debt
has been slanted and staged,
fiction turning fact, to a generation
programmed to believe what they’re told,
without question and without qualm.

Honest deeds lost to time.

Complicit in silence, you condemn!
You pledge deference to a lie!
Stand up and speak!
Say what you think,
say what really was,
speak up against injustice,
speak out against bias,
say everything you’ve been conditioned to suppress,

and pivot the power from the governing few
back into your hands, and yours, and yours,
where it’s meant to lie,
with the people deserving their place in the sun.

It’s time for a revolution!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I pray this is not a game to you

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Dormant desires awaken the fire,
fuelled by the wind to a height that is dire,
certainly I’ll burn, I’ll burn in this pyre,
I pray this is not just a game to you.

Deadly deception, delusions, untruth,
denying the reason which time norm’ly grew
enveloped in sin, in sin where we flew,
I pray this is not just a game to you.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

seven minutes to midnight

It's seven minutes to midnight
and the moon reigns in full glory over scuttling clouds
leads dancing shadows across rooftops and lawns
flits through the dreams of the sleeping
leaves behind a seed of magic
stretching the impossible into possibilities
kindles the flame of lost childhood
the innocent faith in the fantastic
shaping, reminding, teasing, daring,
will you remember all this when you awaken?
Or will your wishes burn away with the rising sun…

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What do you want to find

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Have you ever sat back, struck by a sensation, surreal in nature,
a sense of ‘so this is what it’s like to be a grown-up’,
one where it feels like you’re playing house,
that this life is not real, what’s before you is not real,
nothing you do or have done is real, it’s merely a dream,
and next time you blink you’ll find yourself in the backyard
of your parents’ house, hearing your name being called,
and it saddens me, life does not hold the promised joy,
bestow the alluded to freedom and pleasures,
does not follow the script painted to me when I was a child,
because emptiness echoes when you follow the proper groove,
what I want is to find magic, I want to find my soul.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Wind of Dissent

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The west wind that is blowing bringing with it deep dissent,
madness swirls like broken leaves of last year’s failed intent,
murky skies incite with guilt by claiming it’s my fault,
edginess is driving me, compels me to revolt.

Spurs me to an epic flight that’s led by instinct’s rules,
distance overrides all need, away from dying fools,
racing down deserted roads in recklessness innate,
I don’t want to live in this, if this’s to be my fate.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Another Night in The Shadows

How can skies turn to black in an instant,
turn truths into lies, hope into disbelief,
faith into fallacy and trust into guile,
how can it wipe away every vestige of possibility,
sever the throat of joy so brutally
you can’t even look into the eyes of love of an innocent,
how can one go from caring so very much
to feeling nothing, nothing, nothing at all,
thrown into the meaningless pit of existence,
unreasonable, irrational, wildly sweeping, self-destructive,
where words of encouragement strangle me,
kindness suffocates me,
a touch would surely shatter my soul,
and I scream in the darkness a scream,
even the gatekeepers of my private hell
feel a weariness creeping through their bones.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It was one of those days...

picture source: my own

It was one of those days, melting imperceptibly into night, a transition in tune with the music drifting in the breeze, to the sounds of shifting time from you disconnected, and greeting the rising scent of nightfall, the steadily climbing heat proportionate to the cooling ocean mist brushing their skin alive with enticing images, vivid in mind and soul…

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Awakening

picture source:

There is light in this world,
you will feel it if you sought
for the answers to the questions,
burning through dark nights regression
believing every fear,
building walls to hide your tears.

Yet there’s wonder, there is magic, there is love, these are your blessings……

With awareness comes the silence
of a soul in full compliance,
as perceptions through you stride,
lifting darkness’ blood-red tide,
evolved from harsh and tort’rous nights,
you are the shadow as you are the light.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Song from the Silence

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What will it take to remove you from my mind,
take it all away, these memories I find,
drifting through the sunshine and through the darkness too,
you keep coming back to me, there’s nothing I can do,
but love you, love you every day,
love you all the time, love you every way,
take me, take me where you can,
take me to the edge, take me, you’re my man.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let me be the one...

picture source:

Let me be your friend
Let me be the one close to you
Let me soothe your brow when dusk settles on a hot summers day
Let me whisper words and tales to enlighten and entertain you
Let me share your dreams with equal pleasure they provide you
Let me be the one you reach out to in time of need and bliss
Let me be the one to whom goodbye does not apply

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"As above, so below... within, so without
as the universe, so the soul." Hermes Trismegistus

Picture source:

That what you dream, imagine, build in your mind,
the visions alive with colour, smell, the ocean’s mist,
in sunshine, under storm clouds, in the dripping rain,
in the silver moonlight illuminating your skin in the clearing of the forest,
with nectar sliding down your throat in exquisite sweetness
and satisfaction, feeding your soul with love,
dreams of an intensity tangible by the goosebumps on your skin,
the glances from those touched by the energy you emit,
those are the images of your freedom, your light,
these are the words from your spirit, your guide,
allow yourself to be led……

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Promise

picture source:

To the storm clouds rolling in,
to the thunder trembling through her,
to the threatening strike
and the wind tearing at her clothes
she said: “I’ve been expecting you,
even hunted for you, leaving a trail
of my scent for you to find,
seeking your closeness, your knowledge,
I will devour every exposed and hidden part of you,
my soul clamouring to receive what you are,
what you’re offering, I will take, I will take you, I want your all.”

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Forest

picture source:

My heart longs for the silence
of the woods moist with the mist of tears,
dripping softly onto moss-covered ground,
bare feet on a path intuitively chosen,
where my soul finds the stillness
imparted by nature, its breath of green
cleanses my lungs, my soul, my heart
with its birdsong, rustling leaves and butterflies.
Earthed. Grounded. Realigned.

Friday, July 28, 2017

As for you, so for me

picture source:

On a cold winter’s night stalked by a mist, at the house where the motorbike no longer stands, through the trees a bonfire was blazing to voices electric with excitement.  She was drawn to the fire, heat seeking flame, foreign words summoning a response from deep within.  Taken into a circle of familiar strangers, she joined the rhythm emanating from the earth, the drums, the trees, the air, the ocean, the fire…… a shooting star streaked through the sky.

I am one, I am countless, I am who I’m meant to be.  I feel your intentions, hesitation, excitement, tears.  I am many-faceted, passed through multiple souls and spirits, I align with who you need me to be.  I’m a part of you without losing a part of myself, I feed off your energy without taking from you, you’re in my life, there's a purpose, to relieve a desire, curb a craving, satisfy a curiosity, fill a demand, share knowledge, for enlightenment, as for you, so for me.

She is that girl with eyes alive, a light-footed step and an energy pulsing barely disguised beneath her skin, drawing laughter and goodness she wraps with her touch, you with luck and love…… whilst the waves keep rolling and butterflies still come to rest on my knee, I know true to be this path beneath my feet.