Sunday, February 23, 2020

In this rain drenched night

In this rain drenched night
only the wicked are walking,
prowling for the lonely,
seeking out the weak,
hidden from the innocent
by the veil hanging in the streets.

Is the monster really walking
in the streets or is it maybe,
the knowing you’ve inside you,
you are capable of the very worst,
yes, you want to,
yes, you can,
yes, it’s fright’ning, just one thought
can erase all you’ve fought for, all you’ve ever sought.

In this rain drenched night
I am walking with my demons,
hitting out of hurt,
punishing out of pain,
overruled my latent goodness,
in this moment madness reigns.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

If you could...

Have you ever considered how much bigger the world would be if you could,
could bypass your fears and step into the unknown,
could shrug off your anxieties, syndromes and labels,
how much more you could do,
how much more would be open to you,
how much more would be possible
if you didn’t willing step into the boxes placed before you,
without option to personalise.

Have you considered how much freer you would be
if you didn’t have to conform to the roles imposed upon you by society,
if you knew you belonged, without having to meet pre-set norms,
how much easier you would breathe without the load of the outside world
pressing down on you,
how much more fulfilled you would be if you lived your dream, if you lived your belief,
if you were free to follow your heart…