Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Heavy is the heart that is buried in silence,
the eyes that are lost in the dark,
a soul that can’t feel is a lifeless breath
while a touch without love bears no weight.

picture credit: "Sink" by Antoine Art Studio

Alienation is a prison built by hurt and pride alike,
and its boundaries reach as far as blinkered eyes have spied the world.
Tears and sorrow spread around this self-created desert land
whilst it’s love that heart desires, yet unable to construct.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


picture credit:

The demon still hovers on billboards, in stores,
in people around me, in musical chords,
he’s built a huge stage with gold as his wares
for those to please enter his devious snares.
And though his smooth voice, now familiar to me,
can’t lead me to mischief, the ultimate deed,
his power’s around me, each hour, each day,
taunting and tempting his pleasurable ways.

From him I can’t hide, can’t pretend he’s not there,
I’d lie if I said that I no longer care,
for seven long years he has been in my wake,
yet still I keep hov’ring between love and hate.
…as much as I wish for that carefree numb mood,
its pleasure I lived for, with passion pursued,
I can never find it again, I have changed,
it tore me to pieces, we are now estranged.

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