Wednesday, August 28, 2019


attachment to things, to feelings, to people, to places,
attachment, attachment, attachment….
the source of so many discomforts in the self,
attachment to the fire provided by an illicit drug,
to the rush of a love affair, the exhilaration of success,
to the illusion your appearance will change your life,
to the comfort of a predictable day, month, year!#@%,
if only these attachments could dissolve in the moonlight,
freeing the mind from hidden bonds, opening doorways
and highways to unexplored places, where you’re free,
unattached, you’ll be yourself.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

of Faeries and Goblins

All the time
the faeries are dancing,
in the wind
with joy everlasting,
through the trees
their wishes, enchanting
the ones who can hear their voice.

All the time
the goblins are scheming,
in the dark
their shadow is reaching,
guard your heart
ere bewitched you’re dreaming
a dream that is not your choice.

All the time
your heartbeat is sounding,
to their beat
the life you are making,
do not doubt,
the angels are watching,
tonight you may rejoice.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Where have the dreams gone?

How I long for the days gone by,
to how we were, to the way things were,
summer days when we had little responsibility
and lived for satisfaction,
innocent faith in the world around us,
idealistic visions of who we were and going to be,
dreams, lots of dreams that drove us through days,
many days until the dreams stopped coming every night,
and tired days followed, then the dreaming stopped altogether,
making for long, drawn-out, dreary hours of daylight to get through,
just to escape into an empty void of nothingness, we sleep.
How did I become so disillusioned, so empty, so devoid of feeling,
is it even possible to reclaim solid ground in this quicksand without mercy,
sucking me in, sucking me dry, sucking me down, down, down……

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I am the darkness

It is cold and unpleasant, another day without sunshine,
my mind a hamster wheel spinning out of control,
I can no longer fool myself into believing everything will be alright
when I can see pieces flying off into shadowed tomorrows,
building a cloud, a dark storm cloud I have no way of avoiding,
with no protection, no defences, no strength left to fight,
I have exhausted every mind trick, every belief, every healer known to me,
yet the circle keeps coming around and points its dirty finger in my face,
‘You are mine, I have claimed you, I will not relinquish my control,
no matter what route you choose, you won’t find relief,
I’m inherent in your being, I’m the space surrounding spaces,
what makes you think you have what it takes to remove me
when I am the darkness and I am you.’