Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Around me the world collapses in chaos
to the deafening shouts of an incensed crowd.
Windows shatter from heat and from stones,
and hands are raised in angry fists and sticks that beat the air.
The streets fill with rubble and sandstone turns black
as hungry flames greedily lick up the walls.
The faces around me contorted with rage,
angry mouths shouting unintelligible words,
and I run with the noise for a place unknown
through a blur of people emitting pure hatred.
I finally find shelter in an abandoned building,
away from the acrid smoke of blazing fires
that burns my eyes and nose, so thick it blinds out the sun,
creating an illusion of the onset of dusk in a burning, angry red.
And I hear the screams of pain from the wounded
‘til my mind shuts it out and my world becomes a muted movie.
I huddle, I wait, in shock, disbelief,
of this madness I’ve witnessed this day.
Before my eyes, the known’s been destroyed,
into anarchy all has descended…

‘til I find a strength that’s not my own
and slowly rise to my feet.
I step through a hole that once was a wall
and I stare at the devastation the moving masses left behind.
A silence descends more eerie than screams
over a wasteland of complete destruction.
My eyes dart around, which way do i go,
in this dusk that’s unsettled,
in a smoke thick as mist?
I head through the ruins,
through wreckage and rubble,
towards the coming darkness
of the night,
the only way to escape…

Saturday, August 15, 2009


can you hear me
hear what i say
what i’m whispering in your ear
can you feel
the offering
my heart as soft as cashmere
there for you
an open door
to my lap of fantasies
let’s join in ways
as lovers do
fulfill our destinies

can you see me
that what i see
the visions of dreams inside
waiting for you
to enter in
and lie with me at hearthside
written by gods
of age-old days
a whispering touch in print
to loose ourselves
in sensual worlds
for you to leave your footprint

picture: http://shit-angel.deviantart.com/art/Whispering-Fantasies-20916703

Saturday, August 8, 2009

a beyond never-ending

take my hand, fly with me
jump into the abyss
and soar on the currents of the wind
over rooftops
down to the trees
touching the water's crests
leaving a trail of blazing light
and lungs breathless
before rising high
high into blue skies
towards the sun
towards the stars
towards the welcome blackness
of a beyond

Friday, August 7, 2009

55 - a frozen soul

every friday, compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less. if you want to join in the fun and games and give it a try...post your story and report to the boss G-Man!

cold are the eyes once fiery with passion
frozen the soul as the tundra russian
black is the hair, reflecting the hope
that died when they strangled her with a rope
taking her freedom, visions, her zest
a life once worth living, now possessed
wholly by anger, by fear and pain
innocence taken, effectively slain