Monday, August 31, 2015

I am... MooN

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I am the chill of premonition in the weak light of the morning, when content and context have no meaning or relation, to the tumbling thoughts relevant to the day that is passing in front of your open eyes as you stall, hover, unable to induce motion into your limbs that heed vibrations your waking being, cannot perceive.
I am the forgotten moon that rises late afternoon while you are rushing through a To Do list that will in no way comfort the lonely hours of the night, when images tear you from a restless sleep with skeletons rattling through the stillness of the shadows,
I am the Cheshire Cat that feeds mischief into your heart and into your head, that lets out the frivolous teen you keep carefully controlled and in line lest you be thought of as a child, and I lead you to indulgences which will curl up your lips when you’re resting in the shade of the oak tree, the one you once protected, which now protects you, in turn.
And I am the howling wolf, the centre of every urban legend, of lovers and serial killers, of madness and sanity. To broken hearts and soaring dreams I speak with words no-one can hear, but feel the ripple of anticipation when a blessing I bestow on you, so too the shiver of a warning when your intentions do not align, fore I am the silver sheet of protection that dusts every sleeping soul I see.
                I am,

Saturday, August 29, 2015

To Beach

In my dream I can feel the rays at 11 o’clock in the courtyard of the village,
I can see the touch of a smile as a picture clears in your head
in those unguarded moments you believe yourself alone,
and I want to sweep you up into my heaven,
where the scent of the mist from the forest
swirls into your being a clarity that lets you shape your world
into the image that is in YouR mind…

Friday, August 21, 2015

Wild is the Night

Perceptions stolen by the daylight slide through you
in a warm-cold flush that arouses every sense.

The t-shirt that rubs against my skin a gentle whisper of your breath
when you seduce me with your tongue, your mouth, your words just a murmur
that hums through my veins and connects with the off-beat vibration
that’s the spirit of dark nights, of wild existence.  Nothing is questioned,
nothing is asked and what you assent to is acceptable... with a hiss of recognition,
our senses intertwined, and thus these words that formed from my lips:

“May I take your hand, I’ll lead you, no need to think, just follow me,
feel the light that is your eyes reveal to you what I can see,
breathe the sweet addictive scent, into your veins I want to creep,
yet I promise to hold you as soft as the breeze that kisses your naked skin when you sleep,
and your pleasures, most freely, I’ll let you feel.”

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ferns and Mushrooms

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“I could cry you a river
but the well in me is dry
I am tir’d of deferment
beware what I here untie
there’s a haste in my step
trembling what beneath me lies
I am honed for the kill
pleased if you would just comply!”,

screamed the wind that tore through the boughs of the trees,
through a valley of green, of ferns and mushrooms,
that drew colours on your tongue with the nectar of a moonflower,
and you can feast on your instincts that have glow(n) through time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Stab of Sunlight at Dawn

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Time has stolen the polished fa├žade,
perceptions imperceptibly changed
before our lying eyes,
to face a cold harsh reality
with the stab of sunlight at dawn.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Oh yes you know...

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...just how prevalent you are,
from the recesses of my mind
you assaulted me with your presence.

How I need to feel your voice on me,
your fingers in my hair,
this surge of heat that needs to be free,
and you’re the only way out…

…free me?

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tears of Time

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I need the rain,
to breathe, to feel,
to soak in the cold misty air
in a fog of images,
for when I rise,
the sun is the sweetest nectar
anyone could ever dream to drink in.


Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Shadows

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I am sliding into darkness 
with the waxing of the moon, 
for its glow reveals the shadows 

that are hid by new moon true.