Friday, July 27, 2018

'tis the night before Full Moon

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Late winter, the night before Full Moon, it’s 2.41am,
the sky’s as brightly lit as by the sun, at noon, mid-Summer,
only the brightest of bright stars grace this time with the moon
and when the wind doesn’t rattle the leaves in the trees
carrying with it the salty air from the ocean,
the waves reach for me, crash through me,
before the night drifts back into silence
and fluffy white clouds drift across a cold, lonely sky
to the clicking, it’s the rain song, of those tiny little frogs…

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

find your fire

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……the smouldering fire sparks alive,
lazy licks along smoking logs,
reaching, testing, claiming, the flames leap
higher and higher in joyful jubilation;
as should your soul as it shifts through the day,
touching, tasting, lighting the way
through the darkness, find your fire.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday at midnight

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This Friday all the 80’s rock songs were telling me how hard it is to live without you,
endless empty nights by myself, staring out the window as life passes me by……
endless are the black clouds storming over the horizon heading my way,
blazing are the bolts of lightning staring me in the eye, telling me things…
willful destruction with every dirty memory trawled from my deepest self,
death is preferable to a desolate, empty, meaningless existence without you.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


How I feel is
not the answer
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to the dreams I have within,
what I’m saying
is denying
what is written on my skin.

So I ask you
do you know how
I can reach this place for me,
or is all I
have before me
that what is for me to be?

I have pow’r and
passion raging
deep within my darkest soul,
can’t be held back
why repress this
it is I who’d be the fool!

Let me fly now
through the heavens
freed, unfettered, ‘s meant to be,
if you'd like to
you can come too
live a lie’s not right for me.