Monday, November 30, 2015

Country Fairs and Candy Apples

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I seem to be absorbing a frenetic energy,
I cannot isolate it as it pulses and vibrates
with a rising intensity, it climbs and climbs
until the world erupts from the madness of imploded reason
and while electricity crackles on your skin
you are frozen eternal with a stranger in your skin,
who’s in control of your reactions, sensations that so dazed you,
confused you with their intensity, you are wondering whether
you existed at all before now.  How can you turn away from that.,,

Saturday, November 28, 2015

"We're only human"

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Punish me for my scandalous ways, punish me for my indiscretions,
hold me accountable for every wilful act committed knowing the destruction I will face when I reach the end,
and do not reserve your judgment to me alone, face the judgment of your indiscretions, too.

Friday, November 27, 2015

7 8 9

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I need it, yet I can’t find it,
my pocket of silence where I can retreat,
where I am protected, comfortable, where I cannot be found
and you cannot sneak up on me, there are warnings in place.
 It’s cool and it’s warm; soft, hard and exciting,
I can wander on paths through a forest I’ve designed,
speak out, take in, run, sleep or walk,
and I can colour words on white pages,
sing with the Black Keys or just lie on the lawn
where I can watch those funny little creatures that float before closed eyes
directed at the sun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


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Tomorrow has passed twice, yet I’m still in yesterday,
I am hov’ring in a daydream, quite surreal in its display,
hearing voices calling to me, I am lagging in a cloud,
I can’t get a decent grip, so I guess I’m still unfound.

This insufferable place is the means to a dream.
Change your attitude until your situation changes.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Eerie Light of Bewilderment

It’s a freefall as you step off the cliff,
wind whistling its notes of suspension,
a time warp distorting everything you see.
 Awareness override images
with a wave that seals the lips,
while eyes record what the mind can’t absorb,
and you fall and fall and fall…..
 The old and the new sweeps through me,
a kaleidoscope of sensations, memories, nostalgia,
fatigue, with an obscure touch of excitement
at the unknown horizon I now look at every night.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Follow That Dream

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I have traversed my timeline, went by many days marked with an X, for a target, a destination, towards an end.  Or so I thought.  

But just as time never changes its pace, so too the mind keeps on thinking, shifting, creating and dreaming, to which my hand responds by reaching out to scribble over the X I’d marked as I stretch towards a new destination, a little bit further along this line.  

Now after 600 months torn off and discarded, I hope I never reach the end, I hope I never cease to scribble in my notebook of madness and dreams, as that would mean I can no longer see, I can no longer feel, it would mean I’ve run out… and that, I believe, is where my timeline ends.

Friday, November 6, 2015

In my Eyes, the World

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  Accept this as my love for you, the words I’ve never spoken;
an intensity too significant to explain, far too endless to contain,
borne from wisdom obtained from a grief so deep it tore my soul apart,
rendered senseless by truths, I struggled to stand, I was raw,
at the futility I feel at not being able to arrange the world to agree with your every dream and adventure,
and the wrench in my heart, every time I have to let you go.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wanderers of the Universe

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 In her nightmares there weren’t any monsters, no scary creatures she could see.

It was the howling wind of her protesting soul that swallowed the daylight and locked her in purgatory with yesterday’s ghosts stealing her breath, tomorrow’s demons speeding past the windows in an ever-tightening circle.

10 Years have passed in the blink of an eye in the frozen state of a nightmare from which she couldn’t rouse, the fist of the dark night had encased her heart and her space.

But then, I don’t think even shE reckoned with the destructive force of a screaming spirit intent on breaking free from the staged world in which she was placed, from the bonds she had forged herself, it was deafening the crack as she obliterated its hold from her psyche, from her dimension, a final time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tomorrow we'll try again...

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Some days the only wise deed would be to release and let be of what is,
curl up in your favourite space, let the rock legends of old take you on highways,
to the devil, into hot summer nights.  Immerse yourself in guilty memories
with endings you choose them to be, about the loves you found,
the ones you lost, the carefree days that stretched into tomorrow,
and we would never die! with the bass that trembles through your body,
you re-live it all again, in this momentary escape from the madness
of this crazy, crazy world.  Tomorrow we’ll try again…