Monday, February 27, 2017

He belongs to the world

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He belongs to the trees standing tall in the breeze
singing a melody while they gently sway,
he belongs to the roots with open arms who embrace
the ground with their wisdom passed through the ages,
he belongs to air chasing clouds in the blue, blue sky
to feed your soul as you breathe in life,
and he belongs to the moon and stars scatt’ring dreams
bright with love and promise so you peacefully can sleep.

He belongs to the world, he was never mind to keep,
he belongs to all that’s open, past the boundaries and restrictions,
to possibilities bounding out before us,
to a dawn greeted with smiling anticipation
and the nightfall heralds a moonlit dance
across the soft cooling sea sand,
your freedom soothes the softly falling rain in the valley,
leaves a shimmer on the ground...

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Every thing is a choice

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Every thing is a choice, to accept or decline, to remember or forget.  
It is our choice to feed the line or to wander through silent forests, it’s our decision to follow the expected purpose of your forefathers, to accept their ways to be the one, the correct one, to follow.  
It is our choice to accept their words, to open ourselves to their knowledge and heed their warnings, but it is up to only us to decide how to integrate these with our innate being so we can still release the spirit of our creativity, intuition and magic and to live these possibilities, show others there are different ways to traverse these shores.  
Who knows, you may inspire someone to also fly free to their dreams the way you do.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hell is Real

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Today I would give anything to drown in a mind-numbing fog where I can’t feel, no one can reach me, where nothing matters and tomorrow never comes.
But even that is gone, an unviable solution taken by the passage of time, denied by the knowing there is no escape, no temporary relief, and the only place I’ll find lasting peace is inside my self, if I would just open the goddamn door…

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Equation

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We are sinners, there’s no hope we’ll survive
every heartbeat inflames the need deep alive
it leads us and drives us together ever faster
without much concern to the hereon ever after

Thus we’re tied to the ground cannot touch the sky
feed our illusions without which we will die
self-destruct with a force unimagined pain and pleasure
on this edge here we stand while we’re loosening the tether

May we fall, may we wallow, may we find that what we need
May the prize be worthy treasure one so desp’rately we seek
May we feed our souls not starve it become empty and deplete
May the choices that we make leave us sated and replete

Friday, February 10, 2017

February's Full Moon

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That mind defying numbness, the inability to find a place where you belong, the closing of your throat with feelings you cannot explain, the urge to claw out of your skin to escape the desperation inside you, comes from denying who you are, from what you know but disregard.  This is the other dimension, open before you, demanding to be seen, felt, believed, allow it in. In this full moon tonight let your self free, still the restless need, express and celebrate your gifts and for the first time in your life, take a breath of life.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Justice above Obedience

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I urge you, rid yourselves of needless things meant to keep you in check, to leave you wanting, stop the pointless amassing of etchings on dead trees, prove your worth by the dirt that is stuck to your knees, question rhymes as now are written, straight-jackets issued as they deemed fitting, dictating the pace it’s my hours they waste, and we wait in line, broken in by their ways.

The sweat on my brow is not mine to own, every dream is bent to the rules they control, they erase our tomorrow, give us no chance to start, feed us lies for our silence, to appease our bleeding heart.

Obedient followers, we do as we’re told, by the rulers, the laws, from our home and father’s old, but I’m no longer proud of the land in which I live, when all they do is take, while it’s me who’s left to give.

Many have died as they wait for change to happen,
if we all say ‘No’ who are they to say ‘Yes’,
move as one and we will change this direction.

We were born in this system, but can choose to die free.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Can you hear me calling

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Soothe me the way only you can,
let your voice ripple through my consciousness,
soothe me with our yesterdays and tomorrows,
put to rest the abstract distractions and hold me,
shield me from the dark ‘til I can stand again,
and in the shelter of your arms unfold me,
soothe me the way only you can.