Sunday, January 31, 2010

red are the rivers

red are the rivers that flow through the land
broken by hatred, fed by the hand
with treacherous lies, calculated deceit
that draws out the fear, inducing defeat
while fuelling the flames of cold anger deep
grabbed by the hand in uproar they sweep
destroy in their path previous order and peace
as chaos evokes a destructive release
and trance-like they follow with contorted face
unable to turn back their steps and retrace
the means to avoid the shedding of blood
destruction is pouring, a relentless flood
to end when the tears of survivors are shed
the ignorant victims by powers misled

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the woods of the flaming trees

lightly the breeze holds the melody
that flows forth from your lips
memorable words a parody
as smooth as crafted scripts
that by the red rays of the harvest moon
i allow to through me flow
caught by the mesmerizing tune
i take your hand and follow
into the woods of the flaming trees
as leaves our shoulders dust
awak’ning in me the chill of disease
your words are laced with rust
and with the onset of natures death
my soul froze to your plea
cold is the whisper on your breath
i retreat into woods misty

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

misty murmurs

a feeling as silent and subtle as mist
is rising up through the air
tentacles curling and winding their way
sensations you don’t much for care

the innocence in this breathy white veil
belies a deceptive core
disguising dark doorways in wispy light masks
that leave you uncertain, unsure

move through this forest of dangers and charm
the feelings that through you sweep
hear the soft murmurs that float on the breeze
their hum as soothing as sleep

and heed there is perched on the roof an owl
at the door where the mist hangs damply
so follow the touch that your senses placates
for your instinct will lead you deftly

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

remember me as a dream

leave me to fade into yesterdays
of moonlight and limbs entwined
fleeting temptation we couldn’t deny
to pleasure we yielded and dined
savouring the lick of heat in our veins
our senses and touch ablaze
breathing in feverish scents awash
we tumbled in lusty forays

yet written in stardust our names were not
a moment’ry madness’ delight
the draw of the silvery moonlit skies
that offered a carnal respite
and in my mind’s eye i lie in your arms
that wasn’t our dream to dream
i bid you farewell on this dying night breeze
remember me as a dream