Monday, May 30, 2016

The Ruler

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     Endless days I have wished, I have begged, to forget,
sleepless nights I dream of being possessed,
so tell me your dreams, what it is that you rules,
or do you dream of being possessed too?
     Is the ruler of your night, the ruler of your soul,
or is the ruler the one who is trying for control?

Sunday, May 29, 2016

She is a Child of the Moon

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She’s a lover of the night sky, of fantasy, the moon,
she can feel your blood as it drips from your cut,
she can hear your song as it pulses through your veins,
she can read unsaid stories from the book that’s your eyes.

     She can draw you into her cloud, where the fiercest lightning strikes,
she will lead you through dark forests, leaving you drained, inflamed and raw,
     and she will lift you into the stars, where the unknown sphere arises,
she will lead you through truths wonder, filling your body and mind with awe.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

with a love like this...

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On a night such as this,
under stars, let’s make a wish,
we are free, we are love,
there’s no what if…

feel the waves as I through you float,
like in the dream I for you wrote,
explore the need that is me in your soul.

On a night such as this,
they come true, it’s not a myth,
love is wild, love is pure,
just let it live…

feel the moonlight stroke your skin
feel my touch, know where I’ve been,
I am keen to share my love, be in my dream.

On a night such as this,
made of stars, formed by dreams,
we belong, to the night
with a love like this…
with a love like this...


Friday, May 13, 2016

It's a rainy day in......

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Can’t we hole-up for the weekend,
follow the icy wind, perpetual dusk and angry sky,
let it isolate us from the outside,
encase us in the heat of our pleasure for the other,
teasing minds, skillful words, music drawing flesh,
in a world without time, delight is never-ending,
we will rise with Monday’s dawn.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Just a silly little daydream

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Would the world be a worthier place if we all could have what we wanted?

There’d be no limit to dreams,
no restrictions to fulfilment,
no impulse to think through to consequence,
     only living your indulgence,
finding pleasure in the chase,
in attaining, possessing, savoring,
both places and people alike.

But now…… now this somehow doesn’t feel as right,
as much fun, as in my daydream I saw it to be……

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Road Trip

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 I often watch with longing
the magnificence of black-blue clouds building,
growing, in the not-too-distant south.
     I am drawn to them, I ache to go,
I wish to drive right into the midst of that storm,
I want to feel the lightning bolt on my skin,
I want my pulse to meet every crack of thunder
thrown in unmeasured patterns directly 'round me.
     I want to be in your world, where you are present,
where pictures don’t matter, they just shift and blur
in the deluge that is my eyes.
     So today is the day I follow,
the clouds have drawn me in,
I drive.
     And maybe when you choose to lift your onslaught,
the world I see will have been polished, it is so clean,
where steam rises from the road, the air is cool green,
and when the trees shake their leaves, a ray of sun reflects the light,
strews down the invitation, the one I finally, will take.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Whisper of Heaven's Tears

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Noughts and Crosses playing on cold blue waters,
the whisper of heaven’s tears
transferring stillness to your eyes,
printing it on your bones,
absorbing into the dreams you still need to dream,
and intercepting the white noise clouding your eyes;

let your silence touch my skin,
sing your song through me......

Friday, May 6, 2016

Fables of New Moon's Night

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“I’ve knocked, I’ve shuffled, I’ve turned it around,
not an angle I did not see,
standing’s what standing, this is what it is,
just the truth, so may it be.”

Take my warmth into your hands and let me cast myself around you,
enter chambers no-one’s ever seen, where no-one’s been before,
spirits true will find fulfillment in a place where there is no want,
take my hand in this dark new moon night, believer?, or is this folklore?

Thursday, May 5, 2016

--- I never make a promise, but you have my good intent ---

--- I never make a promise, but you have my good intent ---

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I created a beast
from the shadows in dark nights,
in a realm where the reckless rule,
intent on the pursuit
of pleasure and gratification,
stolen from them in the days they went to school.

Since I could not staunch the bleeding of my disconnected roots,
bleeding from vulnerable turned rebellion,
‘twas the lack of understanding, yet comprehending so damn much,
I chose to inhale the fiery notes of midnight,
yes, I breathed deeply, drew in the music from his proffered flute.

Here I burn for truth, here I burn for love,
here my soul flies unhindered with the passing of the stars,
frankness decimates my heaven, drawn on paper made of straw,
acid rain is falling, falling, I’m fragmented, broken, raw.

Yet the beast that is borne from the shadows of your dark nights,
protects you if you will or won’t, in his singular toxic way.

He takes you down to the lowest ground,
dissolves your thoughts in passion, common sense and awe,
he shows you the truth in whispers, woven through with stings of clarity,
the feeling of truly being alive when to yourself alone you are sworn.
And 'though you'll pay 'til the end of your day
should you ever misjudge his stealth,
he hands you too, your legacy,
what will I leave behind in my wake.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

join the circus

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“insurrection unravels unstoppable from a hollow deep down inside,
burning through oxygen to burst forth in the coldest, rather tactless, disclosures
that should maybe remain inside your head, and you know it’s unkind and unfair,
since they’re spoken with the voice you had when you were 7”

a crack is forever, it’ll seal, but the crack, the crack will always be,
how to (not) deal with it, well, I know of many ineffective ways,
but this ever-present darkness is engrained in me
and I understand it, I don’t fear it anymore,
instead I use it, these shadows, to obscure the unnecessary,
simplify pictures and reduce everything to a need-to-know……
“strange is the silence of utter peace amidst the screams of war,
in the mind that is mine, absolved from self-imposed sentences.
what’s written is written, but your nightmare affects me no more”

the crack. the crack will always be there,
you should step towards what you want,
instead of away from what you don't.
the view is important, don’t trip looking at yesterday.
allow yourself the happiness of sea sand at noon,
feel the shifting warmth as it gives way, soothes you as you yield.
there is no pain when you accept
damned are sinners and believers alike,
so join the circus of undulating pleasure and pain,
written too is what you’re doing, you're removing the stains.