Monday, May 18, 2015

Barefoot Minds

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I want to walk barefoot through the world
so I may feel the warm sea sand between my toes,
the flowing water over my feet after a summer storm,
the softest wool of a Persian carpet
and the sting of a thorn when I run recklessly through a field.

I want to be naked in your presence,
feel your breath warm on my skin,
feel the heat from your body reach out to mine,
and drown in the waves of your muscles as they move
to the lick of the soft rays on an autumn afternoon.

And I want to open my mind to yours,
read to you from any page, from any book you choose,
simply stretch out in the wonder you raise in me
when the world disappears for brief moments in time,
and I want to trust in you to be the man I can fully trust with me.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

...said the gypsy to her love

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…said the gypsy to her love:
“Your touch burns me to cinders
and your kisses touch the sky,
your hands have fed a hunger
I could revel in all the time,
my mind is fully smitten
with your voice and with your sound,
your fingers are marked forever on
this route upon the ground.
And when we part our ways, we will,
I’ll be a while obsessed,
be tempted to change the natural way
I with this world enmesh,
‘til another hunger awakens in me
that consumes me as a whole,
and I’ll fade for a while from reality,
forgotten to all but my soul.
And should the spirits be our friend
they'll guide for us to cross,
one moment you’d least expect to see
my face, at the road, across,
where my body reacts with a physical thrill
to your hands that are burnt on my skin,
come consummate this moment in time,
and feast on this hour we’re in.”

Monday, May 4, 2015

...before you go

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Oh yes, before you go,
there's something I'd like to tell you.
Don’t ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable,
don't let yourself be pushed through a door you shirk to enter,
when something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t
and instead of freezing, shutting down and waiting to see what will happen,
say “Get your hands off my shoulder!”, “Thanks, tonight I’m staying clean.”,
stop the car and turn around or defer your decision to another day.
I’ve seen the outcome to a few of those I didn’t do or say,
and they’re not preferable to the choices open to you.
Some things are meant to happen, when the adrenalin starts to flow,
and some are a warning to you, to slow down before diving in.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Where Are We?

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In the restlessness of a dark night
we board the bus with empty seats
to a destination that isn't mapped.
And in these lost hours we stretch our legs
in residual back streets without light,
carouse with souls who don’t speak our language
and whose judgment is of no consequence
to those who evaporate with the dawn.