Friday, October 25, 2019


A single moment is all it takes to change the world,
a single deed, a single word, can change who you are,
one moment you’re in command, the very next second…

……in a different place, in a different world,
I’m looking at a different you,
every step I’ve taken to get here is different,
everything we’ve done is different,
I clearly did not know what was going on,
you are different, you are not who I knew you to be,
parts of you were hidden from me,
and I am different,
I have been building a puzzle with missing pieces,
I have no idea where I am now,
the route has gotten terribly convoluted and overgrown with shadows,
I’m in the company of strangers, least of all myself,
and I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, or next week, or next year,
every certainty has changed, been removed or reshaped,
my entire world has collapsed and it is terrifying, as I watch
the world as I know it, shatter……….

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Misty Moments

This day is slowly coming to an end,
mist rises from the south over the ocean,
and as this grey wall moves ever closer,
I draw closer to be with you.

In the falling silence we sit, side by side,
breathing in the moist, salty air,
feel the peace and tranquillity it brings,
just as I feel when I am with you.

The sky, the sea, the valley a swirling cloud,
a shroud around the world, as we are wrapped in our love,
trawling across the mind and body of the other,
seeking the mystery that is within only you.