Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Shadows of the Moon

My spirit withdraws
from the earthly realm
of the shadows the moon bequeaths,
and in silver veils
my soul can see
the truth as it hovers beneath
the full moon that rose
this glorious night,
to grant me the knowledge deserved,
lifting the pallor
of trapped blinding lies,
for chained earthbound mortals reserved.

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  1. your friends are pretty darn lucky shadow. I was just about to put that liza into a submission hold (either the figure four leg lock, or the dangerous due to possibility of strangulation sleeper hold)

    and I was just about to do it too (as soon as I got out of that full nelson) which was just about to happen, before you posted.

    so now I won't be forced to blow up an enter net wire

  2. I saw that full moon this morning. Lovely piece Shadow.

  3. Amazing words on such a simple full of words so well deserved picture of tha moon...

  4. Oh girl...

    this should be a classic. I loved every word that left your lips and twisted my heart apart

  5. nice...the moon was gorgeous here last night...bright enough to see through the lies...hmmm...maybe....

  6. Growing up, I used to wonder if the moon watched over me like a sentient being. Some part of me still wonders...

    Beautiful as the woman who orchestrated the prose. (Hugs)Indigo

  7. The shadows. Pretty much says it all! Love this one.

  8. Somewhere in that Big Book I'm always reading, it is written: "We lied when even the truth would have sufficed." Isn't that the way with so many of us?

    Thankfully lying is not my gig any more--well, except for once now-and-then. And that is usually with a family member. And that is usually a B I G one! Yes...a real WHOPPER!

    Now, I'll take the moon, see in which direction it is looking, and GO that way. Thank God for the fact, God DID give that to us also--grin!

    Hugs, V.

  9. Beautiful, I took a photo of the moon less than an hour ago. Beautifully written. take care.

  10. Nice writing encouraging each of us to lift the veil and see things clearly.

  11. Isn't this Shadow obsessed with the moon. Perhaps it is the charisma of the moon itself that it renders to a few to write such lines as if in love with it.
    Nice lines :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  12. Same moon as last night although mine played peek-a-boo in and out of the clouds.

  13. As always i was bombarded with feelings when i read this! Beautiful!

  14. nyc post
    loved it <3
    n full moon really koos lovely :)

  15. I like how the truth itself unfolds from the structure of the poem.

  16. Moon and stars and clouds and night.
    I will drown in this bed.

    ps: how am i? never been better :)

    kisses hugs.

  17. Oh wow...this post of yours was well worth the long wait for more....beautiful Shadow. And I must add that it's a bit of the heavenly filled with the mystic and the unknowing too, if you ask me.

    NESTING HERON at paradise ponds in today's post.

    Thanks for coming by to say howdy yesterday!!

  18. When we were kids my sister and I never had any trouble finding the face of the man in the moon :-)

    Take care Shadow and I hope you have a nice day.


  19. Aye a strong will can break any chain. And a dark night is best for escape.

  20. beautiful words for sister luna - and for us all - thanks so much for such a great piece to read - hope all is well with you under the moon wherever your moon is! ;)

  21. I love the view from up here and I appreciated your portrayal dear Shadow so rich and full!

    Love from the Moon