Thursday, February 18, 2010

there's always a tomorrow

black is the night filled with images stark
red is the pain as it flows from the heart
leaving behind the disfiguring mark of a tortured soul on the edge
desperate to end the unstoppable stream
of venom infused that has seeped in unseen
directing the course to a counterfeit dream that ends at precipitous ledge

please take me hand, let me guide you away
shut out the voice that has led you astray
together we’ll learn the black chants to unsay and free the soul from its chains
that send out shockwaves to the shatt’ring of bonds
feel your soul lift as old ghosts leave, abscond
as to bright light your blind vision responds and you glide to tranquillity, peace...



  1. Though it isn't always necessary. a hand reached out and grabbed is a well offered thing for moving to tomorrow. I wonder at them who never recognize the difference between a hand and a stick. Keep us moving Shadow, everyone needs the hand you offer with the words you write.

  2. Shutting out the voice that led me astray...... very good.

    Thank you Shadow! Blessings.

  3. 'as old ghosts leave'. Makes me want to open the front door and wave goodbye.

  4. Learning to unsay those chants is half the battle, I think.

  5. Positive affirmation is so necessary. Lovely poem xJ

  6. I don't so much believe in future....But your poem is very nice, Shadow :)

    from Samrina's blog :)


  7. "a counterfeit dream that ends at precipitous ledge"----awesome picture this brings.

    Your talents are definitely incomparable!!

  8. I have so missed your words Shadow! This is beautiful... saying goodbye to those old ghosts brings hope for today. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That was nice, if someone were always there to offer a hand...


  10. unsay
    i really, really like that
    as though there were a power
    in the undoing of words.

    all the best shadow.
    i'll come by to check on you time to time.
    much love

  11. Love the images, here. And the second stanza just speaks for itself. Beautiful!


  12. beautiful. i really enjoyed how you moved from the darkness into the light, so softly...

    thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my last post.

    warm smiles,

  13. you left with no words now .
    this is one of my favorites .

  14. sounds like a fifth step!! it really does feel like you cleansed your soul of the past.
    the 8th step clears you of guilt but you cannot get there with out working 4 and 5.

    it is so good to have you back. your words are so serene.

    Dr. John passed away on monday and Thom has a guest book to sign on his blog if i knew how to link in the comment box I would.

    I am thinking of a 55 dedication for him, not too sappy, maybe a groaner, i am not that clever, but his comments will be missed, his work I loved to read.
    sometimes there would be 140 comments already there when i read his work.

  15. That really blew me away Shadow, very good!

  16. Definitely something I needed to read today.
    Beautifully put!! As always...

  17. Shadow, I love the image of not doing it alone here.

  18. I'm grateful for those who said "please, take my hand". Now, I can do it for another...

  19. I love the idea that we can help one another to "unsay" the "black chants" that drive us mad. It works like that in my 12-Step program.

  20. beautiful........
    such awesum wrds.......
    'soul' to get peace...dats really a divine thing

  21. Having taken my place in line at the unemployment office, I am leaving my ghosts behind. Your timing on this post is perfect.

  22. Oh yeah do I know that disfiguring mark. Used to be my best friend.

  23. Shadow, I don't know how you can do this, day after day.
    Your poetry is personal and universal, taking us through passages of the soul we hardly can without your words.

    This is particularly powerful; the lines: "please take my hand...together we'll learn the black chants to unsay.."

    Thank you.

  24. You could have written that for a member of my family today Shadow. A tear appeared as I read it. I hope there is a tomorrow.
    Blessings, Star

  25. Shads- I'm tellin ya, you can't unsay them black chants. Modifie yes, unsay. no. A wonderful write through a beautiful maze of possibility. We are gonna swing by the canaries and pick Dulce up, ain't we?

  26. Dearest Shadow,
    Once again I am blown away by your words. You write from the heart and calls us all to inner reflection.

    Thank you :)

  27. you never let me down...

    leaving me breathless...

  28. I hope he/she will accept being saved.

  29. It is nice to envision the gliding to tranquility and peace. I've heard that flying is like that!

  30. That was incredible. I really missed you!!

  31. Kill em with kindness shadow!

    sorry, very naughty pun

    what I meant to say is

    you are the most talented

    intelligent poet around

    definitely kind caring compassionate

    almost as beautiful as

    you are fun

    to be around

  32. To "unsay" a lot of "saids", but that becomes less possible as time marches on.

    Great to see you back here, V.

  33. ps if your husband says it ok to just hold hands and only for guidance through and out of hell into forgiveness

    if your ok with it

    and each hand taken has another to reach out to

    I will, I'll take your hand (as long as there will be gold stars or silver moon stickers to go on my chart of achievement, you can add to the one my mom saved for me from kinder garden) of course I'll have to unframe it!

  34. It was an inspired idea to link this poem to the image.

  35. This is a beautiful poem, Shadow. I like you poetry. It's much better than mine.

    You should have a fab weekend fellow South African. :)

  36. I remember being asked once what impossible gift I'd like. I said I'd like the ability to unsay. I'd still like that ... and the ability to undo. I love the way you write Shadow, you always make me think, you keep giving me these precious glimpses of hope. Thank you. xx Jos

  37. "counterfeit dreams"................aha ! Theirs an expression which I'll find useful at sme point ahead !!

  38. Learning to unsay the chants that others and then ourselves say, that's the battle there...great post as always!

  39. everyone needs a friend like that, a little help along the way...beautiful, once again.

  40. nothing like a firm hand to hold, shadow...

  41. That was truly lovely.

    CJ x

  42. I love that hand. What a beautiful cascade of words and hope.

  43. A powerful delivery indeed. So inspiring...emitting sweet life's vibrations...hmmm..wonderful!

  44. These sentiments cross many barriers. We all need a hand.

  45. Not always we get a helping hand to pull us out of the darkness.
    Hope is what that can pull us through the rough times.

  46. Gorgeous, Shadow. Your poetry always captures my heart just
    when she needs it the most.

  47. I like the last two lines the best.. a very strong finish. This is very inspiring.

    Best regards,
    Tom Bailey

  48. very very moving - beautifully said, lady! loved it!!!

  49. The flow, the context, the emotion - what's not to like?

    God bless!

  50. Shadow, I've missed you! This piece is brilliant as always.

  51. Shadow, you know how much I love your blog and you and your writing style...

    I'm here early this morning to pass on an award to you---

    IT'S HERE scroll down a bit to find on it, and then save it for your wonderful blog if you'd like!!!

    Happy Monday.

  52. Ok so I'm annoyed that my dashboard freaked again and didn't tell me you had posted a few days ago.

    But anyways...this was amazing.

    "red is the pain as it flows from the heart"

    I loved that line.

  53. ♥ this one Shadow. ♥ you. You know just the right words to express for each of us.

  54. Beautifully written and so uplifting.If I were reading this during troubled times, I wouldn't be surprised to find myself teary-eyed.

  55. You have sheer style in your works.. which gives me haunting feel.. and it stays! Yet another brilliant work. Go on! Words fail here.