Monday, December 30, 2013

When the leaves know your secrets...

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 She followed the trail
through a path of lush ferns,
deep, into the deepest forest.
Here the overcast skies cast a silvery light,
and the mist hung like a draped furry coat
from the drooping and scented pine needles.
She felt an entrenched peace,
felt only in utter solitude,
sink into her, through her...
...the barriers of concealment habitually locked into place
dissolved as she breathed in the sweetened air
of raindrops and moss,
and she smiled a contented smile of relief
as if the leaves on the trees knew all her secrets
and tranquility settled in her soul like butterflies...


  1. the leaves know most of my secrets....they are where i retreat when the world becomes too much....nice shadow....

  2. ...and of such is SERENITY!

    Verena, I can add no more, because you left no room
    in this piece.
    Your lovely words responded to the Universe...
    as Universe had engaged you in conversation.

    Joy in this New Year...No Matter What (NMW)
    PEACE and LIGHT.

  3. A beautiful piece...

    Happy Holidays,

  4. Beautiful words and sentiment. Have a peaceful 2014.

  5. This is why trees are wise, they can live so long if we just let them be and let them form a habitat for those of us tired of lugging walls around. Where better to let your guard down but among the moss and roots where the stink of fears is well above the canopy of shade.

    Be Well Shadow--friend of many a same journey.

  6. This makes me miss the woods back in New York ...

  7. So peaceful. The woods are a wonderful place to be.