Sunday, May 25, 2014

Walk the streets at 2am...

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When you walk through the streets at 2am
streetlights cast subdued pools of light
at unsettlingly regular intervals,
while the bare branches of the roadside trees
evoke shadow creatures that exist only in your mind.
The silence is so heavy that the distant cry of a cat
sounds more like the final scream of a dying soul,
and the rustling in the leaves becomes a murderous stalker,
who’s trailed your every step, just waiting for the perfect moment
to plunge a dagger into your back.

And quite without thought your pace speeds up,
your strides become longer, you start to run,
but no matter how many miles you cover in your blind escape,
you cannot outrun the emptiness and isolation that surrounds you
like a darkness that harbours all your sins without a chance for absolution,
in a shadow world that enfolds you in an inescapable embrace.


  1. Shadow this broke ass city has started putting up LED streetlights, damn things block out the stars, take away the deepest part of the night, and at 2AM there is plenty of people still in the yard drinking the last of the booze and smoking the last of the skunk weed. And that rustling of the leaves is usually a hammer being cocked, so even in the early hour of 2, there is reason to be wary yet I feel more inescapable from myself in the bright light of day.

    Be Well Friend.

  2. when i was young i used to walk the streets at quiet and can give you a false sense of peace....but it is true you never outrun the emptiness...

  3. Really poignant. We've all walked streets at 2 a.m. Sometimes they're blissfully silent, and sometimes not.

  4. You paint a nightmare scene so alarmingly real.
    Loved it immensely.

  5. Back when I was losing my mind over the first time Sam tried to get rid of me, which was before we were married, I would find myself walking around in total darkness at all hours of the day and night. So, I can totally relate to your verses here.

  6. Powerful and develops into almost panic. Beautifully written! . . . as I remember now from the 'old' days in BlogLand.
    Thank you for the visit and your kind words. :)

  7. Nice writing! Realistic feel and touching!