Thursday, November 1, 2018


The hour is late, the streets deserted, orange pools of light the lonely sentries in the dark, we’re in your car driving past the old stone church, race up the dual carriageway towards…  there’s a tension in the air, I keep looking over my shoulder, are those headlights following us or is it my paranoia finding threats fuelled by fear, that don’t exist… I look over to you, your eyes focussed on the road, your body adeptly in control on this mad flight across the city, away from them, away from all known, away…

and again we pass the old stone church, turn left up the dual carriageway, the energy flowing one of hurriedness to reach privacy, seclusion, to the fulfilment of plans devised, dreams we dragged into reality, toward a togetherness, a new way of living, and your eyes shine with excitement, brighter than the streetlights in the darkest hours of this night, your lips curl into a smile of victory, away from who we know, away from what we know, away…

and we pass the old stone church again, turning up the dual carriageway, puzzlement, frustration and confusion littering the air, loss of control brimming just under the surface, tethering at the abyss to insanity, why is this taking so long, how many churches must we pass, how many doors must we close, how many farewells must we issue before we’ll reach the outskirts of this town locking us in, until our page is clear and we are free to leave…


  1. Sometimes what our minds think is the end of the road, is actually the begining....

    peace and love

  2. Love the idea of being free to leave, friend Shadow … Have been doing this all my life … apart from some minor hiccups along the way … Guess it's Spring in your country now … Winter here … Kisses to your Southern Cross and you. Much love, cat.

  3. I like how it is implied that they are driving in circles, on the way to somewhere... wonderful.

  4. Powerful photo and story for the 'season' ~

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)