Sunday, February 23, 2020

In this rain drenched night

In this rain drenched night
only the wicked are walking,
prowling for the lonely,
seeking out the weak,
hidden from the innocent
by the veil hanging in the streets.

Is the monster really walking
in the streets or is it maybe,
the knowing you’ve inside you,
you are capable of the very worst,
yes, you want to,
yes, you can,
yes, it’s fright’ning, just one thought
can erase all you’ve fought for, all you’ve ever sought.

In this rain drenched night
I am walking with my demons,
hitting out of hurt,
punishing out of pain,
overruled my latent goodness,
in this moment madness reigns.


  1. Madness might rule at times but not for long, friend Shadow. After that comes compassion:) Love, cat.

  2. We all have the capacity for evil if we let it take over.

  3. There is a monster inside us all, just waiting for a weak moment to break out.
    We know he or she is there, certainly I do, we just hope we can contain him/her, lest our secret inner evil self is shown. But hopefully we are mostly good.
    But some of us aren't and don't giver a damn. (I don't include my self here.)
    Anna :o]

  4. It does feel like we haven't made much progress sometimes but then we have to look back and think about when we felt bad 100% of the time. I know now my ups and downs are no permanent. This too shall pass.

  5. Lulu: "This sounds like something I need to bark at."
    Chaplin: "Yeah, you go do that, Lulu."

  6. It's always there. It just take the push of the correct button to bring it forward. Profound poem....

    peace and love

  7. This is duch a deep poem. I loved the whole imagery of a person trying yo calm her inner demons. You write very well dear!