Tuesday, March 24, 2009


an overcast day
a steady breeze
unwaveringly rattles the eaves
leaves relenting
marking the ground
nature unrolling its sleeves


  1. I still have trouble remembering the upside-down seasons down there. Nice description!

    to answer your question, I dont know why that would feel like suburbia. that's definitely Capitol District Downtown Raleigh. A vendor like that would have to set up at a strip mall to have any success in suburbia, but in that part of the city center, restaurants are mostly scattered and pricey. A few blocks south there are more options, but they don't get any cheaper. Parked right here between two of the big museums (the Museum of History and the Museum of Natural Science) and almost halfway between the old Capitol Building and the new(er) Legislative Building this cart is going to do a terrific business with what tourist trade there is. I'd say she's picked a premium spot -- and the only competition she's got is from the museum cafe.

  2. I love your poetry and pictures.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Hard to believe that it's autumn there. I have to always remember how you are in the southern hemisphere. We'll be sweltering here soon.

  4. Spring has SPRUNG around here Shadow.
    Thank God!!

  5. change o seasons huh?! i enjoy um. hope you are well my friend. :)

  6. nature unrolling its sleeves ...
    so very nice

  7. Damn! I love autumn like that, even when it's spooky! My favorite. I could sleep in autumn all life long.

  8. Shadow. I love this One...I can feel being there!
    Thank you!

  9. Aha....you ARE in Autumn, aren't you? Here it's Spring as you know, but if you look outside my window just now you'd swear it was Autumn too. Overcast and dreary today. And some leaves are rustling around the foundation as the wind blows.

    Happy day wishes to you.

  10. nature unrolling its sleeves

    Shadow you have such a way with words!

  11. oOo, I like! Especially the last line. (I, too, had to stop and remember the reversed seasons!)

  12. How 'cool' it is!

    19-WORD TUESDAY has returned! -grin. (cute, Steve!)

    Fabulous graphics. and "as usual" poetic phrases. I say "as usual" because where do you go from BEST?

    Also, I like short (sometimes!). I just never did learn how to DO short!
    Steve E.

  13. Now that you have autumn to our spring, your sounds more inviting. I'm a fall type person. Thanks for the pretty words! ~Rick

  14. Right. You're in Fall now - headed for Winter.

    Love the descriptive poetry.

    Love you, too.

    Sorry I haven't been here as much as I would like. But soon. Soon.

  15. Fabulous words and excellent photo,'That's my humle opinion.

    btw. The X-mas card arrived to day.


  16. short and sweet, I love it, I also love that some of your comments are 3X's as long as the poem!!

  17. Thank you for the visit and the comment. You have a very classy site here - great writing, very good images and a neat, clean layout - yes, my background is in newspaper and magazine design!

  18. Here is New Zealand we are also heading towards Autumn, though the leaves are only just starting to turn coloured, they are not falling yet, but the mornings are decidedly cooler than previously.
    Lets hope for a nice mild Winter.

  19. Great description, you and I am in spring, but it sure feels like Autumn today.

  20. This is a terrific depiction of my favorite season. "Nature unrolling its sleeves" -- I love it.