Thursday, March 11, 2010

a return to the silence

discord, distaste, distrust
distance yourself from me
the walls are re-built
with wire barbed sharp
the locks slam on gates without key
and the landscape distorts
in a world thick with mist
as i listen to protest mutely
dispassionate eyes
see the blood on my hands
while i brandish my sword stoically…

in a darkness that soothes
let restoring rays wash
over me ‘til your rage has been spent
i will pass through the gates
once a silence returns
to the land you have touched with torment



  1. Yeah, plunge that sword further in. You know you want to. I like the thrust of this poem. It is direct and yet diagonal. Well done.
    Blessings, Star

  2. once a silence returns
    to the land you have touched with torment

    loved this

  3. This one cuts my skin with cold passion...

  4. Shadow, this is a stunning as well as spectacular piece of work!

  5. Amazing- how you write with such vigour, boldness, courage!

  6. Your words touch a chord deep within - A positive note - Looking forward to a beautiful tomorrow, a tomorrow full of promise, love and trust..

  7. Wow! Lots of anger and resentment stored up. Time for action, I guess.

  8. well done ... i suport you in all that .

    and love ...wel , love is just the best rememdy .

  9. Passionate! love the crimson lady too, great pic x

  10. so dark and vivid -- there is real strength in your words.

    warm smiles,

  11. Love this!!! And there are so many ways you can take this one. I like that a lot. It could be just so many things. Brilliantly done Shadow!!!

    As always.

    [and ya, they don't know me very well do they? you got that right!]

  12. I see this as the sword being a sharp tongue and I know how much the words from a sharp tongue can damage. Or protect one. The last part reminds me of my hubby as he is coming back from a manic episode. Maybe that is what you live with too.

  13. Shadow- wow!to brandish a sword stoically....I think beware is in order when darkness soothes. Another brilliant chapter and pic as well. ~rick

  14. The rhythm and the words and the passion... Beautiful and dark!


  15. Calmly centering
    Patiently freezing
    the pain.
    Deep and personal


  16. finding restoration can be a reminder of where we've been,
    there is a tension here that compels.

    this morning I heard something and I will share it here ...
    "I want you just the way you are" ~ Billy Joel sang it, but some how... I heard the voice of God, believing that changes everything (imho)

  17. I am moving out of the darkness today and towards a warm light. Thanks Shadow.

  18. I cannot believe what I am reading!!!


    Did your shadow just take a swipe at me!!!???

    I am missing my god dammed head!!!

    NOT referring to the mushroom one either!!!

    I can't fuckin believe this, you know there is a helmut law in Oregon!!!

    OK BINE!!! Bucking Faster'D!!! NO DUST FOR YOU!!!

    as i ride away with a salad bowl strapped a top my torso where I should have been given head.

    *sniff* *sniff*

    why of why does it symbolize both blood AND love this duel color read.

    pinche putu merikans with their ackbards bay standardized systems devised by that punk merriam

    not even a metric system can save me now


    getting ticketed for no helmut sure beats getting cuffed and stuffed

    i think, you tell me later, with a poem

    cause its the latter you'll be getting in a while when i get home

  19. This makes me retreat to a quiet place.

  20. Really, really nice. It's also like the graphic was done just for the piece! Great job!!!

  21. I love your vision of a dark place that brings forth comfort... may you step beyond that locked gate with your head high

  22. Shadow this reads like a wonderful old story, passed down for generations... I want more!

  23. This is at once tender and tenacious. Guard your heart.

  24. beautifully and powerfully said!!! great piece, shadow!

  25. I love it... and you...

    this was dark and erotic... in my mind

  26. I have felt this way so many times, I cannot say that I won't again but I am grateful that you found such a grace and beauty to share those feelings...

  27. girrrrrrrrrrrrl!!!
    How do you this this?
    I love that battle and the eventual peace...

  28. Just found your blog, very nice. Your words and imagery really are quite magical. Have a wonderful day.

  29. I wanna go back and dance with those angels (previous post!).

    But hey, you are one talented poem machine--and with a huge heart!

    PEACE, Shadow!

  30. Ah, She the Saboteur to save the day once more.

  31. I won!

    if I had lost you would have never had to put me 2nd on your list

    I will tell !!!

    so put my fucking head back on right this minute!!!!!

    you cannot take her side (remember how sweet I can be shadow)

    come on! please?

    I promise on monday I will get my "but he has a broken heart"

    card renewed

    let me play it one more time

    and then the time AFTER this

    you can decapitate me

    you know you can decapitate with your hands

    instead of your mouth

    and you can for go the label


  32. Beautiful poem, you always right good ones, is amazing. It also made me reflect about my own reaction to the kind of situation described, which happens sooner or later to almost everyone.

  33. The rage of someone we love is like a barbed-wire fence between us. This is one of my favorites, Shadow. I'm glad you didn't rhyme it, but let it stand for itself, powerful.

  34. well, as i hv said m nt a poet who cn understand xactly d deep still dis one appeals to me a lot, coz it depicts my state.......d complete darkness dat ws once a stay point for sunlight.......
    an awesum wrk by u......again....

  35. The walls go up higher and thicker the second time.

  36. I reckon you wrote this knowing me. It felt like it to me anyway. Maybe it is just a universal feeling.

  37. Very nice images.
    We build the walls with our own blood and tear them back down with more blood
    The crimson tide of time

  38. oh, I have so missed your deep and ethereal poetry. The darkness so beckons and so often we answer and sit in it. Sometimes this is good, unless we let it engulf us and cloud our vision of everything.
    I am reading a book right now called The Dark Night of the Soul by Thomas Moore, it's about how this time of darkness can be embraced.

    Much love!