Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Can you feel the grip of obsession, draw into your skin,
as you stand with your back to a bare brick wall
in a darkened alleyway, giving in to fantasies meant to remain hidden forever.
Can you feel its strength, the power, as it gains control,
demanding surrender with each fevered breath,
threatening to burn you alive, or die,
but submit you must, the choice is no longer yours to make.
You swallow your breath, your eyes start to close
as you desperately seek these illicit sensations,
for you are the puppet
of a need, a desire, to sink, sink, sink
in the dark world of raging compulsion,
indescribable to those
who have never experienced
its insatiable greed, compulsive need and driving force,
of free-falling into that black oblivion
of a body, a mind, completely numb...

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  1. Obession can so grip the mind. Your description fits to a tee the feelings that dwell within as the cold fingers of dark obession grip, tug and pull. I love your beautiful darkness.

  2. Love it. You aptly describe obsession in poetic terms!

  3. Ihave certainly missed you. Your words always remind me of forgotten(not lost) pieces of myself.
    Brightest blessings...

  4. Wow. Very cool. It's the plunge into the darkness. It's the plunge into the possibility of healing. The eyes turn downward. The eyes see the pain now. It's no longer hidden. There is power in this even as you feel like you're slip-slipping, slipping away. It's walking to the edge. Whether you fall or fly is a choice to be met.

  5. Hallelujah, glad to see another post from you. Oh yeah, obsession can be a joy stealer. Blessings to you Shadow.

  6. oh... what a hell.... humans hell. but yes. i had......
    Hi Shadow .
    fantastic work

  7. vivid description of obsession...and so true how it can become insidious overtaking all aspects of your life...

  8. Obsession can never be defined and justified well enough to the point that its complete essence is conveyed. Its reasoning is known only to the person who is obsessed with something. I sense the involvement of passion gone too far.

  9. Oo. I like the feel of this.
    Beautiful writing. And It gets me high. I love your views and creations. Perfect! always :)

  10. Addiction? This sounds like a terrifying place to know so intimately well.

  11. So artfully done. This is obsession. This is compulsion. In all its sexy, alluring dysfunction.

  12. This is deeper, richer, and more grounded in realism than your work from last year.

    Quality over quantity.

    I have felt the burning grip with my bare back against the heavy, hard wall, and opened all of my heart to feed on the obsession.

    (I hear the brain burns it out after 18 months, Ha! hang in there)


  13. Wow, need to share this one at work! Perfect description of what happens when we give into obsessive complusive thinking.

    You still have your awesome way with words.

  14. I used to have a lot of obsessive thinking. It can still happen but thankfully much less than before. I have learned to let go.

  15. Obsessing and illicit in one post. We have all experienced such things but not everyone will admit to it. Great writing as always. Hope you are doing well.

  16. As usual you take the reader into a completely different direction than they thought they might be're like an erotic dream I'm not quite sure how to interpret! Loved it

  17. you portrayed a very dark emotion, beautifully.
    Its like we want to surrender to it.


  18. usually these are facilitated by abuse of drugs and alcohol, at other times, by our own minds....

  19. I have missed you, your words.
    this is a great work.
    good luck, shadow!

  20. We are definitely slaves to our own obsessions. This poem was so 'right on target' --almost as if I wrote this myself. Whether it be through an obsession through lust or love, drugs or money, we all have some sort of addiction that pulls at our very souls, making us incapable of handling it, or ridding of it. It's a vicious's human nature...

  21. Welcome to the dark side ;)
    The allure of the taboos in life quench an animal thirst that obsessive and addicting.

  22. I like it and believe me I'm an expert in obsessions.

  23. It's been a long time since I have been obsessed with this type of passion. But your words help me remember.

  24. It's an incredible gift you have Shadow. To describe something essentially so dark in such beautiful ways. If I were to write from now until forever I could not describe obsessive compulsive addiction any better than this. Splendidly done. I am glad to see you posting. xx Jos

  25. ahhh...yes the grip of obsession, just like an addiction. The more we try to run from it, rid ourselves of it, the stronger the hold it has over us. Look at it rather than away from it, it's there to investigate. Our dark qualities always carry a gift and a message we need to see.
    As usual, beautifully written.

  26. That is why we post "Danger!" signs in recovery- " Stop", Turn back- we do not want to set even a full foot on that road anymore ! Thanks!

  27. So similar to what is experienced during a panick attack... both a loss of control of the mind and its thought... That telephone could help though...

  28. xactly d true feelings dat occurs wen anyone is under obsession.....
    its described magnificently by you...

  29. Blessed are we who see...
    That all in life is free...
    And every thought voiced...
    Manifests in our choice...
    As Spirit designed it to be...

    Blessed I am when whole...
    For its then I recognize soul...
    And to find all along...
    I've been part of the song...
    From inception unto the goal...

  30. So strong feelings are shown here, but written in a very delicate way. It shows passion, despair and hope, all at the same time.
    Congratulations and take care

  31. So so intense...the feelings of being obsessed triggers so many illicit emotions...fears, anxieties, thrills, name it. And you dear Shadow have gripped 'em all in such a poetic way. You simply continue to amaze and astound me.

  32. im obsessed. with ..i dont know what.

    ur work is just..WOW. keep it up :)

  33. Shads
    the beginning was familiar
    and many times surrendered I have
    but not always
    and not everything
    and it is that little freedom I hide in my purse.