Friday, December 2, 2011

Hide for another day

The mood turned to brown
in the hot midday sun
as the stifling air withered words,
struggling to make their way
from the cool depths
of the lakes of suppressed emotion.
 And the chirruping crickets
run riot with thoughts,
disassembling them as they form,
watch as they dissipate
in the turmoil,
lost, ere they ever began.
 In futile surrender
you shut your eyes,
let the hot wind blow silence through,
your world that is dim,
that slowly recedes
and you hide for another day.


  1. Sometimes words are as hard to catch as crickets! ♥

  2. Always good to see you again Shadow. That picture, wow says a lot along with your words. Hiding.... I have done that most my life. Safe hugs to you dear one.

  3. aww dont hide...come out and play...smiles....i appreciate youe words though...tis the season for that for sure...

  4. Hot down there, eh? I'm so glad to see you here, again. :)

  5. I always want to give you a hug after I read your beautiful here it is..{{hug}}

  6. As always it felt like you put an enchantment on my heart!
    Be blessed!

  7. Some days you just want to pull the covers over your head.

  8. wow... right out of my mind.

  9. Hi Shadow, glad to see you...this really hit my heart. I tend to be a cricket. hugs.

  10. "struggling to make their way
    from the cool depths
    of the lakes of suppressed emotion."

    Wow! There is so much more going on, I noticed, beneath the surface of these words!

    Upon reflection, every word of this poem is Wow!

    Thank you for allowing me to see how so much more meaning is there!

    Hope you are having a pleasant Sunday! It's so nice to come visit you again, I really enjoy your poems!

  11. Shadow, our worlds are in hot wind, me freezing nights...It's disconcerting! Then I remembered: I've come halfway round the world to visit you!

    I especially like the cricket section of your poem very much. It's a poem all its own. I see them, running "riot with thoughts" ... such a good line. Up in Scotland, a poet friend is publishing her work with line drawings and watercolors contributed by friends. I can picture the manic crickets accompanying this section.

    Oh, that hard word "futile" ...

    I like to think of the "you" in this poem as surrendering without futility, as surrendering in strength to the silence and the hot wind, as a canyon surrenders...

    All right, I'll go back to my freezing territory now, all warmed up.

  12. Nice to read you Shadow. I can relate to this! Some days it is easy to come out from the shadows than others.

    Love and Hugs!

  13. well... you've been hiding for a really long while... and somehow up they come to meet in your worder full rhythm... Love your hide and seek

  14. Nice to read you, Shadow. I wish that people would not hide. Time to speak the truth no matter what it may be.

  15. ...and you hide for another day.

    Profound. Of course, that goes without saying with you talent of words/composing.

    You rock our world dear lady.

    Long time no see. And I did read your comment you left for me the other day, but this is the first time I've been able to spend some quality online time to visit with bloggin' buddies. You, my dear, are in my thoughts.

    Friday Fragments

  16. Every poem blows me away, Shadow. Just finished the copyedited ghost key- with your poem right at the beginning of part 1. I can't tell you how beautifully it fits. Many thanks, again.

  17. oh Shadow...this is beautiful, and so sad.

  18. Shadow it's been a while yet you still remain the incredible poet. your strength and perseverance are inspiring and I wish the best for you