Saturday, September 26, 2009

the house with dusty floorboards

In a house now deserted and devoid of life
there’s a man who can still hear
the silence around that cuts like a knife
into scars that left a tear.
And the ghost of a child stares back at him,
the child who lived here once.
with haunted eyes and a shameful grin,
now locked in eternal silence.
Yet as the spirit of that child
stared into his eyes,
he felt the soul, the emotions wild,
bow down to the spreading sunrise.
‘Til all that was left staring back at him
was the image of a grown man,
as the hunted past so dark and grim
left the seed of healing and ran.
Lifting a veil of questions and fears,
freeing the essence within,
giving him back the lost time of years,
without pain he could see where he’s been.
And he left the house with dusty floorboards,
heard the echoes fading away.
He was free at last to walk towards
a sunrise without debt to repay.


  1. I love it, as I read I imagine the boy , the entire setting, the floorboards. The poem comes to life for me. Awesome as usual. Bless you

  2. Without a debt to for thought

  3. What a superb prompt the image makes! You could write anything from that, I think: novel, poem, whatever. You have done it justice, though, and then some. I really got into that poem. It is more than worthy of the prompt. Excellent.

  4. Excellent stuff, Shadow. I can really feel the entire thing.

  5. Very moving...."without a debt to repay."
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

    PS: Urgent prayer request on arise 2 write.

  6. I relate so much to this poem you would not believe. I hope I share the same ending.

  7. what a familiar relationship ...

    thanks honey !!

  8. released...

    and these images you find are perfection.

  9. That's a beautiful story in the shape of a poem. Visiting those houses always makes me wonder what happened there before and what people lived there before. I love old houses... Their walls always seem filled with memories.

  10. So many questions; Why shameful?
    has there been a murder?
    What exactly free'd him?
    is this a ghost that must travel through it's past before moving on? A haunting tale for sure. Enjoyed it greatly. ~rick

  11. The words are just this side of disturbing, which is a good thing because you grab the reader into the writing with the promise of freedom.

  12. Wow....just, simply....WOW!! It so resonates a passion to leave the past behind and move on. You nailed it Shadow!!!!

  13. I was actually there feeling the relief of facing fear.

  14. Excellant, seeing the past and coming to terms with it and then moviing on. love the image also

  15. How wonderful it is, that I have been allowed to know you, Shadow.

    As was two weeks ago said to me, "Steve, turn your head in the other direction.

    Now, GO that direction, and do not look back." What perfect words for me at that moment. Thank You, God!

    PEACE, Shadow!

  16. I wonder how far he got, before looking back... wonderful!

  17. Oh woman Shadow, what a pic you describe here. I love it. The story within... such an accurate photo...

  18. Haunting at first and freeing in the end! Love it.

  19. I love that last line, a real sense of departure and separation from that old dusty place and bad memories.

  20. This is a masterpiece.

    Having said that my question to you doesn't make sense, but I have a strong urge to ask...

    was "hunted" at any point during the creation changed from "haunted"

    I don't know if you have ever experienced it....


    Have you ever written a beautiful peace like this one of yours and in proofreading find a typo... but the typo makes the write a masterpiece?

    (Like meaning to type haunted and in proofreading found you had typed hunted... a word that never ran through your head when creating this work.... then realizing that typo hunted fit the peace better than your original word of thought ever could have?)

    The mistake that had to be destiny?

  21. some folk are lucky to survive, not everyone does...

  22. Just beautiful Shadow. Thank you so much.


  23. Shadow, this one penetrated through me. Thank you! Blessings.

  24. Free at last. Thank God almighty free at last.

  25. We often have to reach far back into childhood to liberate ourselves from the ghost of the past - wonderful poetry!

  26. i rarely use this word but i mean it, awesome

  27. You have such a beautiful soul. Love you!

  28. Truly wonderful words Shadow. You never cease to impress ...

  29. your words and the image speak volumes. sometimes you have to go through to get out. it is hard not to look back at times...

  30. This is the sort of story I love to read. You made so theatrical. Excellent.

  31. Hauntingly awesome..and love the picture. But, I would probably be afraid to go into that house! :)

  32. Story of a haunted past beautifully told !

  33. This is a magical poem of redemption, one of my favorite subjects. Your character faced the haunted house, found the spirit of a childed locked in eternal silence. He stared into that past figure of the helpless child until he felt the long-frozen fear dissolve, and the gift of a kernel of newness, of freedom. He was released. Good job!

  34. Great words, Shadow. This was very intense...I enjoyed it. It was kind of scary too :D

  35. This poem brings a lot of metaphors to mind.

  36. Does one set the ghosts free to wander or do you embrace what was so you can move on to tomorrow

  37. You described the man learning to forgive, healing and nurturing the child within...perfectly. (Hugs)Indigo

  38. Shadow

    Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    The first time I saw this post I thought you were messin with me (damn was I defensive)
    It wasn't until just the otherday that I understood this post.
    Shadow I don't know you or who you are. But I do know that you were the first one that I know of, the only one to go against the norm.
    went out of your way to help me. You have know idea shadow how grateful i am. In this realm shadow

    i trust you

  39. Damn Shadow! I had never really looked at the picture. At the time I was pretty much reading as many posts as I could as fast as I could still get the jist of it.

    The picture, You've seen through the dial view. I had several cars, and at the time I think there was a with the rear axle removed.

    Those were fun times, but dangerous too. Maybe two times there were some kids up on the hill behind my house that I would chase off with a crow bar (ha ha and dressed just like that)

    cept that the girl staying with me after she saw them for sure kept think they were up there almost every night.

    anyway, maybe google view or whatever, but you have seen it.

    I'm sure you know, but I know absolutely nothing about what is deemed acceptable. So if it's allowed please post signs if i'm doing something that will get me kicked out. STOP FOOLIO OF FOOLS or something.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    for sharing your poems. I can honestly say it lifts me up, i feel honored. I am so sorry when I deleted my first blog if you took it as trying to chase you away. It's just been a long time that I've had to be defensive. Then hyper sensitive as I don't like thinkin someone outsmarted me.

  40. I'm glad to be a part of your work,
    such meaningful words