Saturday, February 11, 2012

The beauty of the night

picture credit: gavin dowd 

Wrapped in ice like frozen wishes,
dormant in the blinding  white,
‘round the limbs of waiting jounces,
spring is striving to ignite.
...yet grey the cloud and moist the air,
with sullen mood that broods despair,
‘joy the beauty of this night
ere starry skies your soul delight.


  1. Loved your poetry Shadow but Woman!!!! Dang it all Winter finally came blasting out of the arctic at us last night and it is bitter now. i thought I was going to see no snow or ice at all. Bt I hold you blameless, Sigh, it happened to you to it looks like.

  2. I'm reading your work after a long time. And I have to say its stunning as usual. :)

  3. Winter seems to be a faint memory this year. Your words evoked what it should of been. Beautiful as always sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Hello stranger :) Lovely poem describing what I see outside my window today!

  5. Strongly soothing, I, too, await spring ... though I do enjoy the fire in the fireplace tonight.

  6. You're back! And your words are just as beautiful as they always are.

  7. Have I ever missed your writing..
    Thank you for continuing to post
    some of the most creative prose,Shad.
    Happy to see you are still posting.

  8. Photo looks like Nebraska, did you cross the pond and not tell me:-)

    Come on spring, yet sit back and see the beauty of winter as well; the snow laden trees and ground, the crisp cold starry night, the knowledge of nourishment in the snow. Very nice indeed.

    Love and Hugs

  9. Hi my old friend, I'd been away for a while on to other creative projects. I'm really glad to see you're still putting out some nice work, I do miss reading.

    This has been my new place and interest for a little while now..

  10. Spring is peeping through here too. The spring flowers are starting to come up. It has been a really mild winter.

  11. Beautifully said, i love winter n snow but would be delighted to see spring!

  12. this is just lovely! snow :)

    Do stop by my blog sometime :)