Friday, February 17, 2012


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Lost. The joy...
...left a chill in that damp alleyway;
a flood of cold air through your soul.


  1. whew....cold breeze through these parts today...that pic looks like skeletal hands....

  2. Breathless.

    "a flood of cold air through your soul" ~ A chill raced up my spine when I read that line. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Great piece simple, and freezing the soul

  4. OHHHH! That damp alleyway, a place I have been--more than once. Different alleys--grin! In different cities.

    But that loss of JOY is the most devastating.

    Hands reaching up from the cold...from the cold of hell. (I have always hated 'cold'...and always believed that hell is a very cold place--grin!) True!

    Nice to be at your blog tonight, V.


  5. Hardly chipper - but life and art is like that all the time.May your writing pave new paths to sunlight soon..till then..always grateful for your sharing dear friend.Always.xo

  6. Looks like arms and hands reaching to find their way. Great post.

    Jesus Calling

  7. I don't like losing the joy. Hope that you have some in your soul, Shadow.

  8. I was just totally in shock yesterday...wordless. I read your comment and couldn't believe my eyes!! And...of course, without saying, I'm happy to see you visit and being able to know you are back to writing. [at least this is the first I know about it since I don't read my Google Reader much anymore...not enough time these days]

    Loved your "lost"...simple yet so very true for us all at times in our lives. Your rock our world Shadow!!

  9. Shadow Dancing...
    We've all missed you so much.
    But you still got it going on Girl!

  10. You hit the right ote every time, shadow. So when are you putting all these beautiful words into a book??

  11. must be using the Blogger's new interface. Since, you posted in your comments that you can no longer disable word verification....there is a way.

    Here's how:

    In the new interface, find where you can 'go back to old Blogger interface'...then, go to the settings, comments...and disable the word verification as I say in my sidebar. Then, save settings.

    It's can then go to the new interface if you chose to do so.

  12. Anni, you're a super star, thank you!!!

  13. I'm back in your domicile in blogland again....happy to know that it worked and helped you get rid of the word verification.

    Have a happy day dear Shadow.

  14. I have missed you - and I hope to christ that piece isn't autobiographical.

  15. wow. thanks shadow. i have been lost.

    not really found yet.

    but back.


  16. could feel the cold air through the soul!

  17. Hello Shadow, striking your blog and your deep thoughts! Thanks! The soul can face and overcome any cold flow 's cross!