Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Silence of a Moonless Night

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The time has stopped an hour before dawn
and you’re lost in the perpetual silence of a moonless night
that offers no comfort and smothers faith
as the lifeless air steals the breath of hope from the breaking dawn.


  1. Verena, I've never read "doom" spelled out so beautifully.

    At first I was welcoming the stillness of moonless night (sigh!).

    Well-done, YOU!

  2. why is it i feel a shiver after reading that...not just stuck in the moment, the silence but the aloneness of not even having a moon

  3. Shadow Dancing...

    I know that time.
    It's lonely and gray.

  4. I have had a few sleepless night lately it is nice you can put a poetic spin on it.

  5. It feels as this one is speaking of some sleepless nights of my past. Your words always resonate with me!
    Thankyou for your positive comment, i feel better already!
    Have a beautiful day full of laughter!

  6. That is the perfect moment for time to stop Shadow. You breathe life into the air by taking your sweet time making love, having sex and then doing it again and a third time if your up for it then catching an hours nap before you have to wake up.

  7. Your facility with language continues to astonish and delight!

  8. Like they say, it aint the heat, but the humidity.
    psi x nth in a still blackness that seeks to seal.
    Nice write, You

  9. I like that perpetual silence of a moonless night ~ Strangely enough, this sounded like my day today ~