Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Heavy is the heart that is buried in silence,
the eyes that are lost in the dark,
a soul that can’t feel is a lifeless breath
while a touch without love bears no weight.

picture credit: "Sink" by Antoine Art Studio

Alienation is a prison built by hurt and pride alike,
and its boundaries reach as far as blinkered eyes have spied the world.
Tears and sorrow spread around this self-created desert land
whilst it’s love that heart desires, yet unable to construct.


  1. painful...and the silence hurts as much as the words at times as well...
    and not knowing the way out, unable to construct love...

  2. ..and for THIS person does even God shed tears..

  3. Shadow, my friend, just between you and I. I have intentionally alienated myself from people I know loved me, liked to hear me read, host open mic sessions. I did not tire of them but I began to feel as if my poetry, my heart, my being didn't belong among them. I found i was soon forgotten except for my blog. And even that is easily overlooked. I was brought up or taught by my young peers as a child I am better alone than as a part of something that can hurt me in my heart.

  4. this gave me chills...I keep looking for a happy ending, maybe one day
    hugs to my friend

  5. awesomeeee!! I loved these beautifully written :)